7 Easy Ways To Prevent Wrinkles and Aging

Wrinkles look adorable on a newborn’s body but they don’t suit us as we get seasoned. So as we grow old wrinkles and fine lines becomes a big concern for us. Although we can’t completely stop the aging effects but still we can limit the harm.

Before knowing the solution lets first understand the cause of wrinkles

When we see it in medical terms, we have two layers of skin: the epidermis (external layer) and the dermis (underneath the epidermis). Wrinkles and aging happens in the lower layer (dermis).

This layer (dermis) comprised of collagen (main structural protein) and many other different proteins responsible to keep our skin smooth and glowing. But as we get old, rate of collagen production decreases and as a result we observe wrinkles on the skin.   Some factors which can damage the collagen production or speed up the aging process are;

  1. Excessive Sun Exposure (UV rays from the sunlight have adverse effects on our skin)
  2. Lack of nutrition(vitamin A,C, E and zinc) in the diet
  3. Dehydration
  4. Excessive Smoking and alcohol consumption
  5. Pollution
  6. Stress
  7. Lack of sleep (less than 6 hours per day)

Now that we know what is aging and the factors promoting it, let’s see what we can do to minimize it.

7 easy ways to minimize wrinkles and aging

  1. Get a good sun screen lotion

As we already know that staying out in the sun light can damage our skin in a big way, but still it is not possible for us to completely avoid going out. So if due to any reason staying out in the sunshine is your daily routine then you must invest in a good sun screen lotion (Broad spectrum SPF 40++).

Apply the sunscreen at least 10 minutes before stepping out and it will minimize the ill effects of sun’s UV rays.
You should apply it on all the body parts (face, neck, hand etc.)  which are exposed to sunlight, and not only on the face

  1. Eat healthy (diet full of nutrients)

Healthy diet for skin means that it must be rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help our skin to fight against the free radicals (Toxins which causes skin damage).
Food loaded with Antioxidants
So in order to look young you must include foods that are loaded with Antioxidants. Although generally all the seasonal fruits and vegetables contain good amount of antioxidants, still some of the main items would be

  1. Berries (Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Cranberries)
  2. Kiwi
  3. Beans (Red Bean, Black Bean, kidney bean)
  4. Kale
  5. Walnuts…
  1. Stay Hydrated

As we know 60% of our body is water, so it is really important to stay hydrated in order to keep our skin glowing from within. To stay hydrated you must drink minimum of 2lt. of water throughout the day. If you don’t like plain water you can add flavor (cucumber, mint etc.) to it, or you can try coconut water too.

stay hydrated

Drinking sufficient amount of water will keep your skin sound and help your body to get rid of toxins.

  1. Quit smoking

Smoking not only damages your skin but it also has many other negative effects on your health. We know that getting rid of smoking habit is hard, but you must do it for your wellbeing.
If you find it difficult to quit in 1 go, then u can start by decreasing the frequency

  1. Use non-toxic, chemical free cosmetics

Most of the beauty creams available in the market contains chemicals, using such creams may show some positive results immediately but they surely going to damage your skin in the long run. So it is advised that you must opt for non-toxic and chemical free creams and moisturizers.
You can try organic Aloe Vera or coconut oil if it serves your purpose.

  1. Take sufficient rest (sleep well)

While we sleep, our skin heals itself from the daily routine damage (caused by sun, pollution, stress etc.). While we are resting, our bodies deliver HGH (human development hormone), which is helpful for many cell generation including the skin cells. As we grow older, we deliver less HGH. So, we need to sleep enough to keep the balance (7 to 8 hours is suggested)

  1. Stay away from stress

Many studies proves that stress have many adverse effects on our skin health. Actually it is somewhat similar to what lack of sleep does to our skin.
So stay away from stress and live beautiful.

Along these lines, there you have it. These 7 things you should begin doing now to avert wrinkles, will genuinely set up your skin for a lifetime 🙂

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