How to Lose Weight Naturally

Are you worried about your increasing weight?
Is your work schedule not allowing you time for gym?
If you want to lose weight and stay healthy naturally then we have some easy to do things for you, which you can make a part of your daily routine.
We will tell you that how fitness doesn’t revolve only around gyms, and it can also be achieved by day to day activities such as using stairs or drinking water.

So let’s not waste time and get started;

  • Prefer stairs over Lift
    Climbing stairs is a natural cardio exercise that can burn a lot of calories; it not only helps with weight loss but also improves the core strength.
    You lose approx. 0.18 calories with every step up and approx. 0.05 calories with every step down.
    You can increase the calorie burning even more if you step faster on the stairs.
  • Walk 8000 steps a day:
    Today most of the jobs demands long sitting hours which slows down our metabolism, so it is important that we take small walk time in between our work schedule.
    Walk 8000 steps a day
    It will be ideal if you take a 5-minute break and walk after every 2 hours of sitting work. In total we should take 8000 steps per day to keep a check on weight.
  • Include Fruits and Vegetables into your diet Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of fiber and contains low calories, so if you eat fresh fruits and vegetables your stomach will be full with lesser calories intake
    Healthy Fruits and Vegetables for weight loss
    In addition, Fruits and Vegetables are good source of minerals and vitamins which will improve the overall health of your body.

    Disclaimer: Some fruits which contains high amount of sugar may not help in reducing weight and hence should be avoided or consumed in very limited amount.
    (Ex. Mango, Banana…)

  • Say No to junk food
    Junk food acts just the opposite of fresh Fruits and vegetables, they are loaded with sugar and calories which are responsible for fat build up.
    So if you try to feed your hunger by eating junk food you will end up consuming unnecessary Calories.
  • Eat slow:
    The speed of eating is very closely linked to your digestion process. People who eat fast tend to be more obese than those who eat slowly. We must eat slow and chew the food properly so that it can be easily digested. People who follow this rule of slow eating tend to lose weight over time.
  • Drink Water:
    Drinking 12-14 glass or 3.5 to 4 lt. of water can support you losing weight.
    You can have a rule of drinking one glass of water(approx 300ml) per hour
    Drink Water.If you drink water half an hour before your meal it will lead to less calorie intake from the food. Also Chances are that many times you may confuse your thirst with hunger and end up consuming unnecessary calories when your body needed just simple water. Moreover replacing high sugar and calorie beverages with plain water will help losing weight easily.
  • Sleep Well:
    Less sleep can make you gain weight, when you reduce your sleep quota it increases your hunger and appetite.
    Sleep well
    When you are sleep deprived you need more energy to work through the day and that’s when you get craving for foods having high calories and sugar. Although ideal sleep duration can vary for person to person, but 7 to 9 hour sleep is considered ideal for all adults
  • Look for the color blue:
    Blue color is known to reduce the appetite, so you can use this color based on your convenience, like if you have a habit of eating at your work place then you should decorate your work table with blue color stuff or you can buy a blue color dinner set to eat form
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