10 Best Cryptos To Buy Now With 10x Potential

This year, the cryptocurrency market has increased to over $2.5 trillion in valuation. The crypto market is proliferating, which means that a more enormous variety of interesting projects can be launched, benefiting from investors’ interest, and resulting in impressive price returns both over the short and long term.

We are going to look at the next coins that will explode in 2022, including Dash 2 Trade, Calvaria, IMPT, and Tamadoge. We will find out which coins have the most price potential, as well as how to invest in them now.

Dash 2 Trade
Dash 2 Trade is a recently launched cryptocurrency project that is really taking off now. According to its whitepaper, the platform will provide novice and experienced traders alike with a variety of tools that will assist them in making better investment decisions.

Among them are the following, although they’ll get better as time goes on:

● Crypto trading signals that let you know when there’s a trading opportunity and price analysis indicators that can be customized.

● Social sentiment analysis to find the most popular tokens and on-chain analysis to find out what’s happening in the crypto world.

● Tool for backtesting trading strategies and custom scoring systems for crypto presales.

● Integrated trading APIs, trading competitions with D2T coin prizes, and a trading chat room.

Dash 2 Trade’s dashboard will include all these tools. Combined, they could help investors stay ahead of the cryptocurrency market’s unpredictable curves.

There are currently three levels of D2T Subscriptions. The free plan lets you explore the platform. Then there’s a starter plan for 400 D2T per month that includes features like backtesting, auto trading, and Discord access.

And last but not least, there’s the professional plan, which has everything you need for serious traders. This plan costs 1000 D2T a month.

We’re now in the second stage of the Dash 2 Trade presale after a successful first stage. A total of almost $3 million has been raised so far during the second presale stage. In the next stage of the presale, the price will go up, but for now, you can get 1 D2T for $0.05. So don’t delay. Get your D2T tokens now!

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1. Calvary
Calvaria is a new play-to-earn card game that rewards players and members of the ecosystem with two in-game currencies: $RIA and $eRIA. Tournament winners are rewarded with eRIA tokens. With eRIA, you can also buy a higher-level card by combining cards with the same power.

You need Calvaria crypto to buy an NFT deck of cards to earn tokens. Players can resell assets they own when they use eRIA tokens in-store. Calvaria puts 10% of every sale into the stake pool, so players can get tokens that way too.

Although the eRIA token is used to purchase in-game items and receive rewards for gameplay, RIA tokens ensure this ecosystem’s economic stability. As part of that effort, the developers stake tokens. RIA tokens give investors interest on their coins. Investing in Calvaria’s ecosystem gives users a chance to earn daily rewards while locking in their coins.

As NFT collections are essential for game progression, and eRIA tokens are needed to buy them, both coins don’t have transaction taxes. Calvaria is adding more features to the tokens to make them more valuable.

In just a few days, Calvaria raised $300K and caught everyone’s attention. For a dollar, you can get 66.67 RIA tokens. The second presale has so far raised $483,249, which has a cap of $700,000.
With these numbers, we’re sure the second presale will end soon, and the next presale stage will have 50 RIA tokens for a dollar. Don’t wait. Buy your RIA tokens today!

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IMPT is an eco-friendly platform that proves blockchain can help the environment. When you shop from eco-friendly brands, IMPT offers carbon credits that help reduce carbon footprints.

IMPT makes carbon credits tradable by everyone by structuring them as NFTs. In the IMPT ecosystem, you can use $IMPT tokens everywhere. The $IMPT market lets users trade, buy, and sell carbon credits in a sustainable way. IMPT has more than 10,000 brands on board to create a seamless ecosystem.

IMPT’s first presale ended spectacularly, raising $10.8 million in a couple of weeks. IMPT tokens are currently available for $0.023, the second presale phase. So far, more than $11 million has been raised out of a cap of $25,980,000. So don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Grab your IMPT tokens now.

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3. Tomatoes
The Tamadoge token is multi-utility, unlike most meme coins. Tamadoge is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) metaverse game that lets you make, breed, and compete with pets. The Tamaverse revolves around Tamadoge (TAMA).

The presale of Tamadoge raised $19 million in less than eight weeks, which is an incredible feat. The Tama Store sells Tamadoge pets – which have unique stats, strengths, and weaknesses that are minted as NFTs. TAMA crypto can also be used to buy pet care and feeding items in the Tama store.

The Tamadoge developers announced earlier this week that they had launched a Common NFT collection. OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace in the world, and the gaming developers confirmed it would host the collection. Players can interact with the Tamaverse with 20,000 NFTs in this collection. Players can get TAMA tokens by playing Tamadoge, battling each other, and trying to get them.

It’s time to buy TAMA tokens, so get them now

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4. Divorce
Solana is one of the best-performing crypto beginner tokens, largely due to its high scalability. Many dApp developers chose Solana over Ethereum because of its GAS fees and low processing speed.

The Solana system can handle 65,000 transactions per second (TPS), with a transaction cost of $0.00025 on average. By using a unique ‘Proof-of-History’ consensus, Solana is able to maintain full decentralization while providing an unparalleled level of scalability.

In the current market, Solana is trading at $30.59, ranked 9th with $10,920,276,635 in market cap.

5. Cardano
Cardano claims to be the ‘Internet of Blockchains’. Cardano was started by Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of Ethereum, who wants to make it more durable, scalable, and interoperable.

Cardano uses a ‘Proof-of-Stake’ consensus mechanism, which reduces energy consumption when creating new blocks, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum. Combining this with Cardano’s smart contracts makes it a viable option for devs of dApps.

ADA, the network’s native token, hasn’t been doing well lately, but this project still has great potential. With a market cap of $13,131,942,982, Cardano is trading at $0.3827 and is ranked above Solana.

6. Polkadot
The Polkadot system links multiple blockchains into one unified network, making it secure, scalable, and decentralized. A big part of the network’s appeal is its native token, DOT.

Polkadot is a cryptocurrency developed with the intention of connecting separate blockchains so that it has the capability of processing multiple chains at the same time and a total of almost 1,000 transactions per second by connecting them to the Polkadot network.

As of right now, Polkadot is trading at $6.37 and has a market cap of $7,213,729,129.

7. Stellar
Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim started Stellar. The network uses monetary technology to connect financial companies, but it is able to lower cross-border transaction costs and speed dramatically.

The Stellar network has this kind of architecture, which makes it awesome to invest in. The native Stellar coin, Lumen, runs on a blockchain-based platform, so nodes are connected but not regulated by any one authority.

8. MetaHash
With MetaHash, there is no central authority, and there is no fee. Due to how little energy it uses, it’s an eco-friendly currency.

The MetaHash wallet is open source, so you can use it or write your own program. Rather than Proof-of-Work, this system uses Proof-of-Stake (PoS). Validation is done in multiple layers to ensure security.

The network can vote and rebuild itself in seconds whenever there is a corruption threat.

9. Litecoin
The Litecoin cryptocurrency was invented by Charlie Lee, a former Google engineer, in 2011. This was an attempt to improve the speed and efficiency of cryptocurrency transactions in direct competition with Bitcoin.

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer (P2P) based virtual currency network that allows individuals and institutions to make instant, zero-cost payments with the help of the network. A Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism is used in Litecoin.

So there you have it. These are the 10 best cryptos that could grow 10X over the next year.
In the crypto world, Dash 2 Trade and Calvaria are new additions to the industry. With all the features and experience that they provide and with the successful presale phases that they have had so far, they are set to get really big in the near future. Meanwhile, IMPT and Tamadoge are also great investment options if you’re interested in joining the cryptocurrency market

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