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I’m sharing 20 neutral home decor items – from teak barstools and chunky jute rugs to wooden hamper baskets and textured pillows – that can add warmth and style to any room.

How would you decorate your home if you got to start from scratch?

I’ve been asking myself this question a lot as we’re preparing to move back into our house this August. On the one hand, we don’t have the budget to sell and rebuy most of our furniture. So the big pieces are staying (and the good thing is I like most of them). But some of the smaller details – particularly artwork and decor – I would like to update over time.

Since we’re painting all the walls white (the latest choice is Chantilly Lace on the inside!) I know we’ll need some color to bring some warmth and personality to our home.

If you’ve been following KERF over the years, you may remember that my previous decor style included much more color. (I painted my first living room bright orange! All four walls!)

And while I’m not planning to go all poppy-bright with color, I think bringing in some muted and jewel tones will look nice. Plus coastal blue and green and accents of gold.

That said, what I’ve come to realize is that I really love a neutral, natural home.

Natural materials are usually neutral and textured, the perfect combo for a muted palette that changes with the seasons.

The entry table that looks good with all decorations from spring to holidays, and the light woods that add richness to the room.

I love natural wood mixed with rattan and seagrass and seaglass and marble and burlap. I’ve realized that, just like a good salad, texture is what brings out the best in decor.

RIP old mantle!

White built-in shelves with neutral storage containers and decor.

In the new space, the baskets + gray drawers will be coming back. Everything else is changing, including the floor color!

Natural jute rug on hard wood floors in dining area.

I’d say my home style is a melody of modern farmhouse with a few coastal accents (because while we do live near the mountains, I’ve always wanted to live at the beach!) Check out the mood board I created with ideas.

Here are 20 neutral home decor items for when you’re in the mood to create an ultra calming space.

20 Neutral Home Decor Items For Your Home

I recently went down a rabbit home browsing neutral home decor as I’m constantly thinking about our home remodel, and I want to share some of my favorite finds!

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