Family Fun Weekend – Kath Eats Real Food

We had a super fun last weekend with both sides of our family! Here’s the recap.

Flowers for Grammie!

Last weekend my parents came to visit!

They were here to visit with us and to watch the boys overnight while Thomas and I went to Williamsburg for his cousin’s wedding. It was a jam-packed fun few days.

On Friday Grammie and Pea arrived in the late afternoon!

Mom always brings gifts, and Gussie looks forward to his most of all! This time she brought him a hot pink cow! She now expects her toys, and starts sniffing her tote bags when she arrives!

Birchie got some new books and Mazen some art supplies!

I cooked Blue Apron meatloaf with sesame potatoes and roasted cabbage. We ate on the porch while it stormed around us.

Saturday: Wedding Day

On Saturday Thomas and I both went to Chris’s dance party workout class, and then we packed up for Williamsburg. The drive was quick, and we talked almost the whole time!

When we arrived we grabbed a quick lunch at La Piazza downtown.

We stayed with Thomas’s aunt and uncle a few blocks from the Williamsburg Inn where the wedding was. I love how quaint Williamsburg is. I’ve been a few times for both work and pleasure. Remember when I spent Halloween haunting the streets !?

Wedding Time

We put on our party clothes and headed over to the Inn!

They were calling for a downpour right at wedding time (4:30) and everyone was watching the radar like crazy. But somehow the skies held off and they were able to have the ceremony outside! It was such a pretty garden setting.

Look at this cutie !! The bride’s nephew.

And was a stunning bride she was !!!!! I was obsessed with her hair.

Congratulations Caitlin and Bill !!

Thomas’s people!


The ladies


First Dancing

Surf + Turf

Thomas and Nona opening the dance floor

And shutting it down!


We enjoyed a nice brunch with our hosts before hitting the road home to the boys.

They were busy playing with new toys !!

While we were gone they went with Mazen to his baseball game, took the boys to dinner and the toy store, and did tons of playing. The boys were great for them.

I went to a women’s soccer game (in between torrential downpours!) And then brought home Al Carbon chicken and ribs for dinner. YUM!

Easy like Monday morning (breakfast)

Lunch on the Mall

We took the boys to school, did some chores, and packed up Grammie + Pea’s car.

Then we took off for lunch with Thomas’s parents! We went to Whiskey Jar and had hushpuppies and biscuits, catfish sandwiches, salads, and lots of semi sweet tea.

Original three 😉

Weekend Plans

This weekend we have not much planned except a party with our soccer team!

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