3 Cryptocurrencies That Could Surge Exponentially In The Next 5 Years

Today cryptocurrency has changed the world forever. It is not just a trend but soon in our future. It is evident as we are talking now that cryptocurrencies are rising. As they do, they also become more valuable. Cryptocurrency has been evolving over the past few years becoming increasingly important for all people in the world, especially if you are looking for a high-risk asset.


Talking about high risk comes with both sides. The recent crypto market crash has plunged cryptocurrencies’ prices down by 50%. People whose portfolios grew 10x or more over the last year or two. Experts are now looking for alternative options with good chances of giving good returns in the future. Presale-stage cryptocurrencies are introduced in the market every day, and projects with a unique roadmap can make you a millionaire.

Lynqyo (LNQ) is a new cryptocurrency working on decentralization technologies, web 3.0 applications, and tools. It has developed a unique concept of resolving users’ issues in blockchain technology. Keep reading to learn more about it!


Lynqyo (LNQ) – The New Token In Town

Lynqyo (LNQ) is a group of designers, executives, and developers working on technologies for decentralized decision-making that reward creators and fans – within inclusive tokenized marketplaces. It comes with web3 protocols, tools, and applications to empower creators to scale, own and monetize their content and communities.


Its team created a multi-chain protocol for the content economy, governance, and liquidity instruments. This platform offers users free-of-charge transactions through its core principle of providing a custodial experience. In addition, its dedicated PoA sidechain hosted by partners enables users to send and receive transactions without worrying about regulations and setting up wallets.

Lynqyo (LNQ) ensures continuity and perpetuity in crypto payment subscriptions through its two payment options. In addition, as a governance token, this platform will provide holders with voting rights for the election of validators and council members and for adjusting key parameters through referendums.

Cronos (CRO) – The Ethereum Based Virtual Machine

Cronos (CRO), an Ethereum-based Virtual Machine (EVM) – compatible utility token allows users to score fee discounts by paying with the token and staking the token to unlock benefits. In addition, this platform allows easy porting of Ethereum smart contracts and decentralized apps (dApps).


Based on Tendermint Core’s PoS consensus engine, this platform is a million times faster than the current mining implementation used by the Ethereum network. It aims to massively scale up the Web3 user community by allowing builders to easily port apps and crypto assets from other chains with high outputs and low costs.

To accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency, Cromos (CRO) will provide people with digital financial services with access to a broad spectrum of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related products and services.

Stellar (XLM) – The Multi-Currency Payment Network

Stellar (XLM) is a multi-currency backend payment network that connects financial institutions like many other cryptocurrencies. It comes with the primary goal of reducing both the cost and time required to send and receive transfers across borders. Stellar (XLM) is well known for its ability to support exchanges between cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies.

This platform is specially designed for developed economies and is restricted to banking services only. It uses a proprietary consensus mechanism for its transaction authentications, confined to selected nodes, rather than being subjected to the entire blockchain and all participants.

Final Verdict

Lynqyo (LNQ) is still in the presale stage and has immense potential to skyrocket in value. Allowing secure transactions and eliminating the need for third-party help will help it stand out from other presale cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, Lynqyo (LNQ) offers its users cashback and rewards. For example, you get up to 7% cash back if you deposit funds and purchase tokens in the first presale stage and 5% in the second stage. If you sign up in under 10 minutes, you will get a 25% reward on your first deposit.


The CRO fees are quite expensive. If you want to transfer CRO in, exchange, and then pool, you’re looking at between $0.50 and $1.50. Whereas Stellar (XLM) has an exceedingly small circulation, many competitors in the same field.

Lynqyo (LNQ) roadmap is unique and possesses all attributes to become the next king in the Web3.0 space. Web3.0 is still in its initial phase, and there will be various aspects to improve on. However, Lynqyo (LNQ) seems to look after those problems and give its users the best solution.

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