Looking for a natural way to keep your feline calm? Introducing CBD! Whether your cat has separation anxiety or dreads trips to the vet, giving your furry friend a CBD-infused treat will provide a soothing sense of calmness and relaxation. 

If you’re interested in learning how CBD can help your cat, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find a list of the 30 Best CBD Cat Treats. A calm pet means a relaxed you! Keep reading to learn more about these nature-powered treats. 

For treats that will please your feline’s taste buds and calm his mind, try Penguin CBD Cat Treats. These salmon-flavored cat treats offer 3.3mg of CBD each. Each jar is loaded with all-natural ingredients, including premium CBD extract, chicken powder, and salmon. The addition of valerian root makes these treats even more potent and effective. 

Treat your cat to natural, flavorful calmness with Penguin CBD Cat Treats. 


2. Holistapet Calming Soft Chews 

Made with high quality broad spectrum CBD and a delicious salmon flavor, your feline is sure to love Holistapet Calming Soft Chews. These cat chews not only offer the benefits of CBD, but organic superfoods as well. Each treat is formulated to promote appetite and sleep while promoting skin and hair health and joint support. They even help to calm aggression and anxiety! 



3. Paw CBD Soft Chews for Cats 

Give your cat two of his favorite flavors in a single treat with Paw CBD Soft Chews for Cats. These treats are formulated with CBD extract, chicken, and catnip. Each treat is loaded with broad spectrum CBD that will have your kitty purring for more. Love and support have never tasted so good! 




4. Pet Hemp Company Cat Treats 

If your feline goes wild for salmon, he’s sure to love Pet Hemp Company Cat Treats. These crunchy treats are formulated with full spectrum CBD, salmon, and other natural ingredients. Each treat provides 2 mg of potent CBD. These treats are non-dairy, non-GMO, gluten free, and don’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. 


5. R&R Medicinals Cat Chews 

Your feline is sure to go wild for R&R Medicinals Cat Chews. These trout and chicken flavored soft chews are an all-natural way to give your cat calmness and relief. They’re loaded with full spectrum CBD along with high quality proteins like trout, chicken, duck, and turkey. Each chew delivers 1.5 mg of CBD.