6 Best Penny Cryptocurrency To Buy Now For MASSIVE Gains In 2023

Massive changes in the crypto market make it difficult to follow all movements and fluctuations. However, for crypto lovers, it is not difficult to estimate the currency’s actual value. Knowing which coins are most promising in the future is not difficult. They should be stable, exciting, and attractive for players for a long time. Those will keep the investors entertained, and their investment will continuously come and increase.

Those cryptocurrencies that you should consider for investing are Dash2Trade, IMPT and Tamadoge. They are impressively attractive to buyers and have a high potential to become the most valued currencies. Both rely on sustainable sources, keeping the buyers interested in the long term. Hurry up, because they have increased the price significantly.

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Which is the best penny cryptocurrency to buy now that will increase the price in 2023?

● Dash 2 Trade – the new signals platform
● IMPT – the world of green investment
● Tamadoge – overall the best currency to invest in
● The Hideaways – the crypto for luxury lovers
● Crypto Snack – the iGames token that you will like
● Cardano – the third generation of potential tokens

Dash 2 Trade – the new analytics platform

Dash 2 Trade is the latest internal project that started a presale. It is a crypto analytics and intelligence platform for traders and investors, which brings crypto trading to the next level. It includes creating testing trading strategies, tracking the latest news and on-chain data, and many more. Thanks to it, you will stay on top of the market. D2T reveals the data that impacts performance and empowers you with a focused insight into the metrics, so you can focus on essential things when making intelligent trading decisions. Tokens are selling very fast, which already predicts an impressively successful future for this currency.

The platform is powered by a D2T token, launched as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Network, which should give users access to the crypto analytics platform, signals, and social trading features. The main goal is to be a world-class crypto analytics and social trading platform. It will bring much value to traders with actionable trading signals, accessible on-chain analysis, and all the trading tools you may need to take advantage of opportunities in the market.

The best part, the platform wants to celebrate the presale and rapidly growing community, so they have started a giveaway. You can become a lucky person who won $150k worth of the D2T token. You only need to follow the simple guide and hold at least $150 D2T tokens at the draw time.

IMPT – the world of green investment
Buyers and investors have been highly interested in eco-friendly investment in the past decade. Some projects are made to protect the environment and increase your investment simultaneously. IMPT was created to help ease climate change, protect the environment, and support ecological projects. It uses blockchain technology to sell you carbon credits, which you can later use for trading to other tokens such as NFTs. Each investment goes to eco-friendly projects.

Besides saving the environment, supported by numerous brands and businesses, like Microsoft, LEGO, and GameStop, the buyers have also recognized the importance of this currency. More than $5 million was raised in only two weeks of the presale. The credits you buy can also help various pre-approved and vetted environmental projects and have value when selling.

The numbers tell for themselves. During the first phase, they sold 1,600 tokens for the price of $0.018 each. The investors return 5,555 tokens for $100. Since the first phase will end on November 25, another 1 billion tickets will be released for $0.023. It means you should hurry up if you want to invest in a currency with high potential and protect the environment.

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Tamadoge – overall the best memecoin to invest in

Tamadoge is one of the most potential cryptocurrencies to invest in this year, as it has shown great potential for value growth shortly. The native token, TAMA, has been sold in a short time, in a 90-day presale for only eight weeks. During that time, the currency raised $19 million and sold half the maximum supply of 2 billion tokens. Developers have more extended plans for the next year, though. Whenever you purchase the TAMA, Tamadoge will burn 5% of them. They will also use 30% of the tokens for marketing purposes and another 65% for price pools and awards.

The game is based on the P2E match, where the buyer buys a pet, nurtures it, and invests in it, creating a unique avatar by adding additions and necessities. In specialized Tama stores, developers will offer great branches so that buyers can buy unique decorations for their pets. However, they will be able to create their additions and provide them on the market as NFTs. Pets can battle with other pets online and earn awards, which will move up on the leaderboard and bring prizes. Finally, you can join giveaways and earn up to $100,000.

TAMA is now offered on the centralized exchange OKX list and on decentralized, so you can buy in both places. The current price is $0.028, which is more than 1,000% higher than the starting price. It will soon have a more considerable trading volume than other popular coins on the market, so hurry up to become a member of one of the most influential groups in the crypto market.

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The Hideaways – the crypto for luxury lovers

The Hideaways covers the luxury real estate market, which demands high investments to break the barriers for new investors. However, if we know that it brings 20% of passive income, we can say it is an impressively worthy investing model. The model has NFT as ownership in the real estate market, where the owner has passive income from the object he owns. Although investments are currently high, and the increase in the price is slow, experts predict great money returns in 2-3 years.

Crypto Snack – the iGames token that you will like

Another model of investing for those who love gaming, but this time it could be used on online betting or casinos. If you are not sure about the worthiness of the currency, you should check the interest that money has among platforms. One of the biggest platforms, CoinPads, uses only trustworthy and significant currencies, allowing this small penny coin and others. Thanks to the recent massive investment of $50 million, the money has jumped on the list of the best penny coins to consider for investing.

Cardano – the third generation of potential tokens

Although Cardano was created in 2017, this is still one of the best cryptocurrencies by market cap. The currency’s market capitalization is over $37 million, while the maximum supply is 45 billion. It should be a next-generation evolution of the Ethereum concept. The blockchain behind the currency is sustainable, flexible, and scalable so that you can run smart contracts. Thanks to that, you can create various decentralized finance apps, games, new crypto tokens, and more. It is a highly functional digital currency and undoubtedly one of the most stable. If we know that it is an environmentally friendly blockchain platform, we can say that it is the currency for the future. The price constantly grows.


Although choosing the right cryptocurrency to invest in is not easy, some signs are worthy of consideration. Experts say that we should pay attention to the currency’s potential, its attractiveness, and the interest buyers have when the coin has been released. IMPT and Tamadoge had moved all boundaries when it came to the interests of the buyers and attractiveness. We can predict impressively high jumps in the price for the next year, so they are fantastic currencies to consider as an investment.

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