Here are some healthy habits for fall to keep you feeling your best all season long.

Are you team fall?

There are generally two camps of people:

  1. Those who love fall, and start talking about pumpkins in August aka the pumpkin spice lovers.
  2. Those who shed tears of the final days of summer and get grouchy when the autumn spirit creeps in too early.

Obviously you know which camp I am in : ) Last week marked the first day of fall, so we all have permission to talk about all the great things about this season.

(Funny side note: I was telling my son a few weeks ago that the weather felt like fall outside and he said “Mommy it is NOT fall yet.” Turns out his teachers had a fall countdown going, and he knew that date had not come on!)

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons

More than New Years, and more than spring cleaning, the autumn season is my time to restart, reenergize, and recommit to my healthiest self. I’m sure this feeling traces back to the back-to-school feelings I experienced as a child. I like getting back into a routine. And bringing in some healthy habits for fall revs me up for the long months ahead.

6 Healthy Habits For Fall

Here are six ways I am revitalizing my fall routine:

Setting a morning alarm.

Over the summer I tend to let myself sleep in more. The pace of life is slower, and there are more vacations and days off from school to reset my body clock.

Mazen’s school starts at 7:35 (Thomas drops him off on the way to work) and Birch’s school at 8:30. Both boys are usually up before 7, but sometimes Birch sleeps until 7:30. Those mornings are quite hectic to get us to school on time.

In an effort to get myself organized before the boys are up, I’m putting myself on a schedule: early bedtime at 9:30 (usually reading), alarm at 6:26am. I usually spend some time doing my morning routine on my computer, then getting ready for the day with my skincare routine, and sipping coffee along the way.

Less wine, more kombucha.

As I mentioned in this post, I’m trading my more-often-than-not-nightly glass of wine for a few billion probiotics! Kombucha is one of the few drinks that has a ton of flavor, fizz, minimal sweetness, and a host of goodness to go along with it. With colder weather on the way, my immune system needs all the strength it can get.

Probiotics line the intestinal walls much like an army would stand shoulder-to-shoulder and protect a village. These healthy bacteria act as a barrier against sickness trying to get into the bloodstream. The organic acids in the kombucha help to feed these beneficial bacteria. Your gut gets credit for about 70% of your immune system, so having a strong one goes a long way towards keeping you healthy.

Happy hour = happy body.

Switching my skincare for drier air

When we go from cold weather to hot, humid weather in the summer, I have to make adjustments. And the same thing goes for entering the cooler months of fall and winter, making adjustments for the colder, drier weather! If you’re like me, and your beauty routine needs a little something different when the seasons start to change, here are some tips for fall skin changes.

What happens to my skin and makeup:

  • More dryness
  • More dullness
  • Foundation settles in creases
  • Skin feels tight by the afternoon

How I change it:

Enjoying hot tea with honey.

Hot tea season is back!! I LOVE Sleepytime tea with a little honey after lunch or while relaxing in the evening. So much of my sugar cravings happen after meals because I need a palate cleanse, and tea with just a little bit of honey satisfies both. If you need more reasons to drink more tea, check out this post.

Bringing back the prep day.

So much of my summer is spent winging meals and eating at the pool. Back-to-school season means fall sports and school schedules, so we’re getting smart with our meals. While we love using meal kits for dinners, breakfasts, lunches, and snacks could all use some TLC. I’m trying to make a few things on the weekend – think granola, energy bars, muffins, or baked oatmeal.

Prepping for my lunches always goes a long way too. With colder weather comes cravings for roasted vegetables, so I hope to do a big pan of them (including sweet potato fries for the boys). Having roasted vegetables on hand helps to quickly assemble lunches and low-cook dinners.

Get fresh, crisp air for 30 minutes every day.

Ironically, in the summer I don’t walk as much because it’s so darn hot and humid out there! I don’t want to arrive with stinky, wet clothes. During the perfect 70 degree temperature days with twinkling sunshine popping through the leaves this perfect time of year, there is absolutely no excuse not to walk instead of drive, play outside in the yard, and spend more time outside. Plus winter is coming, so appreciate it before it’s gone!

I walk Birch to school every morning and I’ve added back the afternoon pick-up walk now that it’s not 100 degrees at 3pm. These walks are so life giving for me! I love listening to a podcast on my way/way back and chatting with Birch about his day.

On the days we pick up Mazen at school, I do drive, but we spent 20 minutes playing at the playground while Mazen plays GaGa with his buddies, so the fresh air and sunshine is equally as enjoyable!

What healthy habits for fall have you added or subtracted this month?

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