Actively work towards disease-free living by turning around simple everyday habits

Many clients have reached out to us to ask how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay away from disease but we have to understand that disease management is multi-factorial and there are many aspects that contribute towards causing it. Major lifestyle changes are required to help you prevent any kind of disease. Integrative medicine with a change in meals, physical activity, quality sleep and emotional health are all essential as there’s no one thing that can make you sick; it’s a cumulative effect of bad lifestyle and eating habits. Let’s look at the contributing factors towards any disease condition and try to work on improving the same:

Chronic constipation: When a person faces chronic constipation that means all the toxic waste that actually needs to be out of the body is getting accumulated in the system. These toxins will break down into acids and gases, which squeeze into the blood creating toxicity which is the number one cause of inflammation, further leading to any disease. We need to always keep eliminatory organs of the body — lungs, liver, kidney, skin and colon clean so that there’s no toxin accumulation happening. Work on increasing fiber intake by eating vegetables and drinking more water to flush out the toxins naturally, try one tbsp of triphala mixed in water for seven days at bedtime so that the next morning the stomach gets clear. All these remedies will slowly work on improving constipation and keep you away from disease.

Sleep deprivation: I’ve always highlighted that we don’t put on muscle in the gym; it happens when we are in resting mode. It’s only when we get into a deep sleep cycle that our body undergoes proper processes for healing, repair, recovery, detoxification, weight gain/weight loss and improving immunity. But sleep deprivation does not allow our body to get these benefits. We tend to watch late night shows or series, keep the light emitting gadgets on which suppresses melatonin production in the body, and melatonin is very important for sleep cycles as well as healing. Sleep deprivation reduces immunity by 70 percent, and low immunity can lead to several issues and diseases in the body. Try to avoid light emitting gadgets at least one to two hours before bedtime and use a pitch dark room for sleeping so that the melatonin production improves and you get a better sleep cycle. Add a pinch of nutmeg powder in a cup of plain water or chamomile tea and sip at bedtime to calm the mind and body and to get better sleep which will help you stay healthy and disease-free.

Look after yourself, so your body can look after you!
Look after yourself, so your body can look after you!

Sedentary lifestyle: Lack of movement, inactivity and sitting in one place for long hours has everything to do with your immunity and will impact you badly. This is correlated to obesity and obesity puts you in the risk category for most diseases and metabolic disorders. Lack of movement also hampers your blood circulation, so even if you are eating healthy your body will not get all the desired nutrition as the circulation is affected. Also, when we do any kind of activity our body releases feel good hormones which help us in keeping stress at bay, therefore improving our overall health.

Stress: A painful past, work stress, family issues, fights, deeply-rooted emotional problems and not working on improving it at all creates chronic stress in the mind as well as the body. This will further enhance cortisol production leading to increased cognitive issues, gut issues, hormonal imbalance etc. High cortisol levels also lead to high inflammation which can lead to metabolic disorders like hypertension, diabetes, CVD, obesity and many more. It is better we start working on stress with the help of deep breathing, listening to music to calm the mind and looking at diverting your mind with any hobby that you really enjoy doing which makes you forget everything else. Try these steps to alleviate stress and heal the body so that you stay away from diseases.

We have better technology, better awareness on foods, availability of functional food, gyms, hospitals, medical treatments etc but still so many of us are suffering from various diseases. This is only because of a poor lifestyle and we have to start investing in our health and lifestyle to prevent us from diseases.

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