Affiliate marketing compliance monitoring 

When working with affiliates, you must ensure that your brand is appropriately represented. This means that not only are the visuals and tone of any written content consistent with your brand but also that strict marketing compliance guidelines are observed at all times.

You are responsible for any marketing infractions related to your brand that occur across an affiliate platform. This includes breaching advertising rules, a lack of transparency, GDPR failures, and affiliate fraud.

Affiliate fraud is a particular concern because affiliates are evolving and finding new ways to engage in fraud. It is also likely to be more severely punished since it is a deliberate act rather than just an error in judgment.

Should an affiliate fall foul of regulatory advertising guidelines, you can both be penalised. Penalties may include significant fines and also be costly in other ways. Other common penalties for compliance breaches include a forensic examination of your business and the restriction of certain payment methods such as e-wallets or credit cards. When you consider the disruption to your business and the resulting lost revenue, plus paying out compensation, in addition to the initial fine, you can see just how costly failure to properly observe compliance rules can be.

No matter which industry you are operating in, compliance monitoring is a must. However, it can also be both time-consuming and expensive. Depending on the number of platforms your business appears on, you would have to manually crawl through pages and pages across different marketing channels to check for any non-compliant or inappropriate content.

That’s why we created our unique proprietary software. Our solutions are tailored to industries where compliance is of particular concern, including gaming Financial Services, Retail, and Telecommunications. You can set your specific objectives and which channels you wish to monitor. We’ll do the rest.

Compliance should be central to your affiliate partnership agreement. You should only partner with affiliates you believe share your ethos and will promote your business appropriately and in line with the latest compliance regulations.

But, with the best will in the world, how can you be sure that is the case before you commit to the wrong affiliate partner?

Our proprietary software uses automated controls to scan thousands of web pages across different marketing channels, all over the world. Tailored to your specific needs, it can find and alert you to any noncompliant or otherwise inappropriate content on any of the affiliate’s digital platforms.

Many compliance breaches are the result of miscommunication or human error. For example, some countries prohibit advertising certain products and services that are fine in other nations. Our software solutions will pick up any breaches of overseas regulations and alert you immediately.

Even if everything is above board, a particular affiliate may simply not be a good fit for your business. will also flag up any content that may be at odds with your brand’s image. That way, you can decide if you want to take the risk of working together.

Once you have found the right partnerships, you don’t want to spend all your company’s time and money on monitoring affiliate websites and other platforms.

Our easy-to-use automated controls and expert team take those repetitive tasks off your hands, leaving you and your staff to concentrate on boosting your bottom line.

Last but not least, we can also help you to improve affiliate conversions by identifying issues such as outdated or inaccurate content. We’ll also identify brand placement and new partnership opportunities.

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