Ajay Jain Sharing His Journey In This Music Industry

Ajay Jain (Born on 23 December 1973) is an Indian Producer, Music Producer, Song Writer and Composer Creative Director from Rajasthan. He is well known as an Owner of his Indian Music Label Elegant Eye Music where he promotes independent music and independent artists.

Ajay Jain is drastically growing in this music industry, songs which he promotes on his label are loved by millions. Bollywood playback singers like Sonu Nigam, Mohit Chauhan, Javed Ali, Palak Muchhal, Mohammad Irfan, Sonu Kakkar, Shahid Mallya, Salman Ali and many more have given their voice to Elegant Eye Music and artists like Sara Khan, Sana Khan, Bhavin Bhanushali, Paras Kalnawat, Swati Kapoor & Amulya Rattan and many more have worked with Ajay Jain.

When we asked Ajay Jain, “how did you get this idea of ​​starting a music label making it big?” He replied, “When I was a Kid I used to listen to a lot of music not only Indian but music from Hollywood too and from that time I used to dream that I will become a musician but unfortunately I became an engineer, so now I’m helping independent artists to accomplish their dream through my music label ‘Elegant Eye Music’.” Hearing this from him was a good feeling.
We asked Ajay Jain about his upcoming projects and we came to know that he is planning something big for independent artists through his label but all the details were not shared by his end.

After this we asked Ajay Jain to convey a message for upcoming independent artists. He said, “Love yourself, love your music, always keep making music, be confident about your creation because I believe that each musician has his own way to reach out, to share love, joy & their pain with others through music and true beauty of music is that it brings millions of people together and helps you to connect with them so that’s the thing I’m doing.”

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