Animal Save India reaches Gandhiji’s Home Town, Educates 500 College Students; 3 Workshops, 2 Top Colleges, 1 Impactful Message

Animal Climate and Health Save Foundation, recognized as Animal Save India reaches Mahatma Gandhi’s home town, Rajkot. The organization conducted 3 unique workshops on the 15th and 16th of September at 2 top colleges of Rajkot, VVP Engineering College and Darshan University and educated 500 young minds.

All the workshops were aimed to make students aware of the rising climate emergency due to animal agriculture and widely used animal-derived products in our daily lives. The workshops were taken by a certified dietician and nutritionist from the organization. The interactive and insightful sessions left all the students thinking about their actions and lifestyle choices and what impact they have on the climate.

Vegan Starter Kits were distributed to the participants. The kit is an informative and easy guide for individuals of all age groups to transform into a vegan lifestyle. Students were also made to taste vegan food after the session which left them finger-licking. “I never knew vegan food was so easy to get and this delicious. There is satisfaction in veganism” – A participant shared.

The workshop was supported by World Vegan Vision which shares similar goals with Animal Save India. The organizations leave no stone unturned when it comes to spreading awareness about Veganism, Climate change and most importantly, the benefits of adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

Switching to a plant-based lifestyle is the key to reversing climate change and creating a better world for everyone. Plant Based Treaty, a campaign initiated by the Climate Save Movement focuses mainly on reversing and controlling climate change. Endorse the Plant Based Treaty at

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