Australians need ‘my encouragement, my enthusiasm’: PM

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been asked why he announced a change in his leadership style at the tail-end of the election campaign.

“I’ve been listening to people. I’ve been listening carefully to people. And over the course of this campaign, it’s been an opportunity to do that, frankly, over the course of the last two years we’ve been all locked up in Canberra, ”he said.

“[The] The opportunity to get out and be with people in communities has been one that we haven’t had, and it’s been a very unusual time, an unusual time, where frankly, each and every day, we were dealing as a government with often quite existential crisis. I mean, take yourself back to March of 2020, it was one of the most stark periods in Australia’s history, as we looked out into a completely uncertain future.

“And the country relied on us as a government, and particularly [Treasurer] Josh Frydenberg and I to deliver the economic plan that would see Australia through. And so JobKeeper arrived, and as we know now 800,000 jobs were saved. We’ve ended up having one of the lowest death rates from the pandemic of any country in the world And our economy is now emerging strongly now.

“Not it’s not perfect And not all the decisions were perfect. And I think Australians need to know that I know that and as we gear change into this next phase, they will see that the policies we have diligently put in place, our understanding of the economy and how it works, people know I’m not loose with the economy. ”

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