Avantera Elevate Reviews – Does This Smart Supplement Work?

A few minutes into reading some of the Avantera Elevate reviews on the leading global search engine and we knew we had to check this nootropic out for ourselves. Avantera Nutrition is the company behind this supplement, and they’ve made some pretty lofty claims about their product. 

Avantera Elevate is supposed to be a “smart supplement” that improves cognitive function, including energy focus memory, and more. 

Top 3 Alternatives for Avantera Elevate 

  1. Hunter Focus - Top pick for focus 

  1. Noocube - Best nootropic for memory 

  1. Mind Lab Pro - Best nootropic for overall brain healthy 

Here’s the deal. We live in an era where we are constantly stimulated courtesy of technology. It has become the norm to be on our phones, laptops, and tablets for most of the day. 

The problem is that this constant stimulation takes a toll on our cognitive abilities. This is where nootropics like Avantera Elevate come in. 

This supplement is designed to help you focus and think more clearly by supplying your brain with the nutrition it needs to function at its best. But, since Nootropics are a relatively new category of supplements, and not all the products you see online are as good as they claim to be. We wanted to see if Avantera Elevate is really as effective as it claims to be. 

In this Avantera Elevate review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this supplement including what it is, how it works, the ingredients, potential side effects, pricing, and more. 

What is Avantera Elevate? 

Avantera Elevate is a widely and aggressively marketed nootropic supplement that promises to enhance cognitive function by providing the brain with the nutrients it needs to function properly. 

The company behind this supplement, Avantera Nutrition, claims that its product can improve memory, focus, concentration, and more. 

Nootropic supplements are not novel. Since time immemorial, man has been trying to hack their cognitive abilities by using various substances like caffeine, nicotine, and even drugs like Adderall. 

While some of these methods work to varying degrees, they all come with potential side effects. This is where Avantera Elevate claims to be different. 

The company behind this supplement says that their product is made with all-natural ingredients that are non-addictive, completely side effects free, and backed by science. 

How Does Avantera Elevate Work? 

Avantera Elevate uses the tagline ‘Clear the fog’. This is a reference to the mental fog or brain fog that many of us experience on a daily basis. But that’s not where their claims end. There are a lot more. 

Here’s a look at some of the important ones. 

Energy and Focus 

Blame it on a busy lifestyle or an overload of information, many of us often find it difficult to focus on a task for an extended period of time. This is where Avantera Elevate comes in. 

The company claims that their supplement can help you become more focused and attentive by providing your brain with the nutrients it needs to function at its best. 

They also claim that it can support energy levels without the crash that comes with other energy-boosting products like caffeine. 


One of the most important functions of our brain is to store and recall information. As we age, this function starts to decline because of poor blood flow as well. This is why many older adults often complain about forgetfulness. It often starts with small things like forgetting where you put your keys but can eventually lead to more serious problems like dementia. 

Avantera Elevate is supposed to help with this by improving your brain’s ability to store and recall information. 

Gut health 

This came as a surprise to us because not many nootropics claim to improve gut function. We understand that the gut-brain axis is more important than we give it credit for, but this is the first time we’ve seen a nootropic supplement that claims to improve brain and gut health. 

Avantera Elevate does this by providing your gut with the probiotics and enzymes it needs to function properly. This, in turn, is supposed to lead to better cognitive function. 


With hundreds of neurotransmitters and enzymes that can affect our mood on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that there tend to be fluctuations in mood. There are good days, meh days, and absolute bad days. 

Avantera Elevate is said to help by providing the nutrients your brain needs to produce neurotransmitters like brain derived neurotrophic factor, serotonin, and dopamine. These are known as happy chemicals because they play a role in regulating our mood. 

Avantera Nutrition also claims that its supplement can help reduce stress and anxiety levels. 

Elevate Ingredients 

To be fair to them, many of the claims they make are not far off from what other nootropics claim to do. The difference, however, lies in the ingredients. 

The brain is a complex organ, and it needs a lot of different nutrients to function properly. This includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more. The question is, does Avantara Elevate contain these nutrients and if it does, are they in the right concentrations? 

  • Avantera Gut and Mood Blend – Turmeric Extract, Organic Lion’s Mane, Black Pepper Fruit Extract 

  • Bacosides – 150 mg 

  • Avantera Focus & Energy Blend – CDP Choline, L-Theanine, Caffeine from Green Tea Extract 

Now, there are some great ingredients in the formula. L-theanine, caffeine, CDP, turmeric, and bacopa, all have multiple clinical studies backing their efficacy for brain health and nerve growth factor. But there are some problems with the formula as well. 

The first is the dosage. Many of the clinically effective dosages are not met in this supplement even if we use an appropriate power converter. For example, bacopa needs to be taken in doses of 300-600 mg on an empty stomach to be effective, but Avantera Elevate only contains 300 mg. Secondly, they use proprietary blends. 

Proprietary blends are a red flag for us because you don’t know how much of each ingredient you’re getting. This makes it difficult to determine if the dosages are effective or not. For instance, the focus and energy blend could well be 95% caffeine, which is a cheaper ingredient than the other two. 

Does Avantera Elevate work? 

If you read most Avantera Elevate reviews, they hype the supplement all the way to the moon and back. That makes one question the credibility of such reviews. 

The fact is, nootropics are not miracle drugs. They are supplements that contain nutrients that your brain needs to function properly. To support brain health, that is. This means that they will only work if your diet is lacking in those nutrients. If you’re eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep, you’re probably not going to see any benefits. 

That’s not all. If you analyze the ingredient list, you will notice that many of the dosages are not clinically effective. This means that even if the supplement does contain all the right ingredients, you’re probably not going to see any benefits because you’re not taking enough of those ingredients. 

To answer the question, we are not sure that Avantera Elevate would work the way you want it to. 

Because of the borderline good dose of Bacopa and the nominal amount of caffeine from green tea leaf extract in the formula, you might experience a subtle increase in focus and energy. 

But if that’s what you seek for just overall health, then there are cheaper substitutes out there, like a Bacopa supplement and a shot of caffeine. 

Avantera Elevate Side Effects 

Just because the dosages are not clinically effective, doesn’t mean that they are not going to cause side effects. 

The fact is, any supplement that contains caffeine may cause side effects in some people. These include jitters, anxiety, headaches, and insomnia. 

Additionally, the dosages of some of the other ingredients are unknown. For example, we do not know how much turmeric is in the gut and mood blend. Turmeric is known to cause nausea and indigestion in some people, so it’s possible that the same may happen with Avantera Elevate. 

Avantera Elevate Cost 

Avantera premium nootropic elevate retails for $49.95 for a one-month supply, provided you subscribe to their monthly delivery plan. This price is based on their USA store quantity and cart value max discount, mind you. 

If you want to buy it one time, the price increases to $64.95, which in our opinion is ridiculously high for what it brings to the table. 

Avantera Elevate Review – Our thoughts 

Having reviewed and experienced a slew of nootropic supplements, we can safely say that Avantara Elevate is not worth your money. That’s our personal opinion, mind you. 

The formula is weak, the dosages are questionable, and the price is high. There are better alternatives out there that will give you more bang for your buck. 

We advise you to look elsewhere for a nootropic supplement. In case you are unsure about which nootropic to choose, we can point you in the right direction. 

There are three nootropic supplements that we generally recommend to people regardless of their goals. 

#1 – Hunter Focus – Bestselling Natural Adderall alternative 

The ability to focus on a single task is hands down the most important ability for students, entrepreneurs, professionals, and just about anyone who wants to be successful in life. 

As we begin to learn more about conditions like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), it becomes increasingly clear that many people are not getting the nutrients they need to support optimal brain function. 

This is why we always recommend Hunter Focus as the first supplement people should try. It’s an all-natural nootropic that contains clinically effective dosages of brain-boosting ingredients that help you get into the zone and stay there. 

Benefits of using Hunter Focus 

Hunter Focus is designed to help you keep your focus and concentration locked on a single task, drowning out distractions and helping you get into the zone. Here are some of the benefits of using this nootropic. 

The Zone is that magical place where you are so focused on the task at hand that everything else falls away. It’s a state of flow that allows you to be productive and creative for extended periods of time. Hunter Focus can help you get into the zone and stay there longer, so you can get more done in less time. 

  • Improve your mental clarity 

When you’re feeling foggy-headed, it’s tough to focus on anything. Also called ‘Brain fog’, this mental fatigue can be caused by stress, lack of sleep, or a poor diet. Hunter Focus contains ingredients that are known to improve mental clarity, so you can think clearly and make better decisions. 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety 

Too much stress can lead to anxiety, which can make it hard to focus on anything. Hunter Focus contains adaptogens and amino acids that help to reduce stress and anxiety, so you can focus on what’s important. 

Hunter Focus – Final thoughts 

Getting into the zone is priceless for most people, and it can make a big difference in your productivity. Hunter Focus contains some powerful ingredients that can help you get into the zone and stay there longer. 

If you struggle to retain your attention span, try this supplement today. 

Click here for the Best Price on Hunter Focus Official Website 

#2 – Noocube – Best Nootropic for Memory 

Be it students, busy professionals, or stay-at-home moms, almost everyone can benefit from a little boost in memory power. Noocube is a nootropic supplement that does just that – improves your memory and cognitive function. 

Memory, both short-term and long term can make a big difference in productivity and how well you function overall. Noocube contains a blend of powerful ingredients that have been shown to improve memory, increase focus, and speed up mental processing. 

Benefits of using Noocube 

Noocube offers a plethora of benefits for cognitive health thanks to its ability to improve neurotransmitter functioning as well as cerebral blood flow. But we will only look at the most important ones. 

Your memory is what allows you to recall past events, people, places, things, and experiences. It is essential for learning and retaining new information. 

Nootropics like Noocube can help improve your memory by increasing neurotransmitter activity. This results in better communication between neurons which makes it easier for you to store and recall at will. 

  • Boosting cerebral blood flow 

Blood flow to the brain is essential for cognitive function. Nootropics can help improve cerebral blood flow by dilating blood vessels and increasing oxygen and nutrient delivery to the brain. 

This results in improved mental clarity, focus, and concentration. 

  • Increasing focus and concentration 

Nootropics can help increase your ability to focus by improving neurotransmitter levels in the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for executive functioning. This allows you to better filter out distractions and focuses on the task at hand. 

Noocube also contains huperzine A, an ingredient that inhibits the breakdown of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter responsible for learning and memory. 

Noocube – Final Thoughts 

Noocube is a well-rounded nootropic supplement that can offer a host of benefits for cognitive health. But it is probably the best choice for memory boosting. 

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to boost your cognitive function, then Noocube is one of our top recommendations. 

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#3 – Mind Lab Pro – Best Nootropic for overall brain health 

Most dietary supplement manufacturers focus on one specialized aspect of brain function or another. Whether it’s memory, focus, or energy levels, these products are designed to give you an edge in that specific area. 

But Mind Lab Pro differs. It is designed to provide more general cognitive benefits by supporting all 6 main areas of brain function: 

Benefits of Mind Lab Pro 

Our brains are constantly over exposed to free radicals, which can lead to brain inflammation. Mind Lab Pro contains antioxidants complex to help protect your brain against free radical damage. 

This nootropic also contains several ingredients that increase levels of vital neurotransmitters. Here are some of the primary benefits you can experience from it. 

Brain Speed is the ability to think quickly, make decisions, and process information rapidly. 

Mind Lab Pro can help to increase brain speed by providing the nutrients that your brain needs to function at its best. 

Call it faster reaction times or an edge in mental agility, this skill can be the difference between success and failure in many fields. 

  • Improved neuroplasticity 

Neuroplasticity or brain plasticity is the ability of the brain to change and adapt in response to new experiences. 

A key ingredient in Mind Lab Pro has been shown to improve neuroplasticity by increasing the rate at which new neurons are generated. This can lead to improved learning ability, better memory formation, and a more agile brain. 

Creativity is probably the most difficult of all cognitive abilities to quantify. There’s no real agreed-upon definition for it. 

But most users who use Mind Lab Pro claim that it helps stimulate a free flow of creative thoughts. Mind Lab Pro contains an ingredient that has been shown to increase levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter associated with happiness and well-being. This can lead to a more positive mindset and increased creativity. 

Mind Lab Pro – Final Thoughts 

With the most advanced formula for overall brain health, Mind Lab Pro is our top choice for the best nootropic supplement. It contains 11 clinically proven ingredients that support all 6 main areas of cognitive function. 

If you want to improve your brain functioning in everyday life, try this out. 

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The Bottom Line 

Avantera elevate is a nootropic supplement that promises to help with a variety of cognitive functions, including memory, focus, and energy levels. However, the majority of the ingredients in this supplement have not been clinically proven to be effective for these purposes. 

Additionally, the company makes a number of unsubstantiated claims about its product. Overall, we believe there are better options out there. Like the ones listed below. 

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