Award Winning Travel Blogger, Deepak Bhatia Spills Beans About His Clients & Ambitious Platform To Help More People Travel

Deepak Bhatia has built a niche for himself on social media as a travel blogger. He excels in luxury tourism and helps his clients in living the best possible experience during travel and has received some of the highly reputed awards for the same. One of the biggest honors he has received is as a Travel specialist by Turkey Tourism Board, European Union, and Avalon Waterways.

Deepak, an MBA in Marketing started his career with his family business. When he couldn’t find himself doing his best there, he entered the restaurant business and it didn’t work for him either. This is when Deepak decided to take a break and travel. As he roamed around the world and shared his experiences through social media, people responded in a huge way.

This was a life-changing development for Deepak Bhatia who then entered the world of travel in a full-fledged way. In a very short time, the number of his clients increased and he managed to inspire more and more people with his very unusual and unique travel destinations. Today Deepak has hundreds of satisfied clients and has close to 15k followers on Instagram who love to get travel-related updates from him. By the end of the year, he aims to achieve 50,000 followers and wants to inspire even more people with his luxurious and unique travel destinations.

Sharing more about the kind of clients he has, Deepak says, “The people who are not just looking for a basic travel itinerary but who want some unique stay options, who love to get involved in the local culture where they will be travelling, and those people who understand that in the hospitality industry paying a little extra money for good services is totally worth it.”

Deepak Bhatia’s vision is to create a platform for those who want to travel the world, but cannot make it due to their work responsibilities or financial issues. His ambitious platform will help people to work in their own comfort, even while traveling, and earn their holidays by simply promoting and working for travel products.

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