Back 2 School: New Backpacks and Posh Office Supplies


It’s back 2 school week!

I know I am not alone in LOVING this time of year. While the carefree days of summer are fantastic, the type A organizer in me has always loved back to school.

When we were young, we’d go to Walmart with my mom and fill up a shopping cart with supplies. But the absolute best part was getting home and organizing it all. Trapper Keepers everyone!?

I can remember the SMELL of back to school shopping – that’s probably why it’s such a strong memory.

The Last Day Of Summer Break

We celebrated the last day of summer break with a special donut doorstep delivery! And then we spent the day at the pool. Birch doesn’t start school for another week, so stay tuned for his first day pics πŸ™‚

First Day of 4th Grade!

Mazen got a new Adidas backpack (on sale at Amazon!)! It goes right with his style: sporty and easy to clean πŸ™‚

Many years of the “backpack turn”!

Cute Backpacks

I think Instagram knows I’m in the mood, because I’ve gotten lots of backpack ads lately! This Slate kids backpack has been my favorite so far. Birch doesn’t really use a backpack yet, but they both could use new lunchboxes.

If your child is still wearing a mask to school, these are the best I’ve found for Birch’s age.

Bento Lunchboxes

We’ve used these from Pottery Barn for years now. I know a lot of people love the PlanetBox stainless lunchboxes, but I have always preferred sizes that are a bit taller. It’s hard not to crush tortilla chips or fit a mini yogurt when the compartment sides are so low!

I’m looking at this box and this one as a stainless alternative, both of which have higher sides, for when we officially replace our PB ones.

I love Lunchskins for packing dry snacks!

Lunchbox and Backpack Inspiration

What To Pack For Lunch

If you need ideas on what to pack in your kid’s lunchbox, check out this e-book I made with 75 kids lunchbox ideas!

Posh Office Supplies

For all of you grown-ups who pine for the back to school shopping of yesteryear, perhaps your desk or home office could use a little love!

First, read this post on How To Declutter Your Home Office πŸ˜‰ And if you need any new furniture, check out this post for some design options! I’m always biased towards the Poppin brand, especially the cute file cabinets.

In my Digital Clutter Course I recommend TeuxDeux as a great digital planner. But I know a lot of you love paper planners. Anthropologie has some really beautiful ones! And this gold notepad is basically the paper version of TeuxDeux. I love to view my week at a glance vs. each day. This acrylic wall organizer is really beautiful and minimalistic! I love the simplicity of this Pottery Barn black and white set.

And don’t forget about pens! A new pack of rainbow Sharpies excites me like no other. And the Sharpie pens are my all-time favorites for normal writing.

Or maybe you need to buy some gifts for college-bound students! Here are some ideas.

Grown Up School Supplies

Kids Art Ideas

When he was in preschool, Mazen used to come home with so much artwork! We kept it in a big basket in his room, and I would take photos to save them as digital memories. Here’s one of the collages!

Please share your favorite back 2 school traditions!


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