Big Eyes Coin Leaps Past 5 Million Dollars During Presale! Can The Cat Climb To The Top Of The Crypto Market Alongside Bitcoin And Tether?

Big Eyes coin (BIG) has continued its quest to smash through the crypto market by raising over 5 million dollars during its presale.

The meme currency is not even halfway through its presale, and yet, investors are feeding the cat like it was their own, fluffy, cuddly pet at home.

With stage 4 only just beginning and the securing of a Tier 1 CEX launch, Big Eyes coin has the potential to enter the crypto economy on an extremely strong foot.

And with such momentum building, now is the perfect time for on-the-fence investors to throw caution to the wind and give this cat coin a go.

This is especially because a magical code, BIGOCT22, can be used to receive a 5% bonus on all Big Eyes coins that are purchased this month.

But it’s worth not forgetting that there are some absolute monsters in the crypto space, like Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT).

And the last thing these prestigious coins want is for a feline competitor to spoil their money-making party.

Nevertheless, like cats in the real world, Big Eyes coin is not afraid to step on a big dog’s tail.

The Hype Behind Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first and original cryptocurrency that was created all the way back in 2009. It was released as an alternative form of currency to fiat and to say it’s had ups and downs, is a massive understatement.

Regardless, Bitcoin peaked at an all-time value of $67,566.83 in November 2021 and, at the time of writing, is worth $19,960.23, according to coinmarket.

Hence, those who were savvy enough to invest in Bitcoin several years ago, have either made a healthy return or are awaiting the day for the crypto king, to inevitably peak at an even higher value before withdrawing their finances.

At the end of the day, it’s not a surprise some of the most high-profile celebrities like 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather, have invested in this digital dough. The financial possibilities are astronomical.

There Are Few Better Than Tether

Tether is renowned for being a stablecoin on the cryptocurrency market. Its value never deviates too far from $1, meaning it is one of the less risky investments you can make in the crypto universe.

Additionally, its lack of volatility makes it perfect when trading for various other cryptocurrencies. For example, crypto beginners can purchase Tether for a cheap price and then use it to infiltrate other digital currencies without suffering major losses.

Not to mention, Tether can be transferred instantly with lower fees than traditional banks. Therefore, it is arguably a more cost-effective form of currency to pay for some online products or services than fiat.

The Rise Of Big Eyes

Big Eyes coin has not officially been released on the crypto market yet, but you only need to glance at its website to see why it has received so many investments already.

Firstly, its proposed cat-themed NFTs may be very hard to beat. Who doesn’t want to own a cute, digital cat, and who doesn’t want to potentially sell it for a very healthy profit down the line?

Big Eyes has ambitions of breaking into the top 10 NFTs on the market, so their NFT Sushi Crew is likely to leave no stones unturned.

A mega-selling point for Big Eyes coin though is its proposed donations to charity. 5% of the cat-coins total supply will be stored in a wallet and then given to ocean-saving charities.

Thus, even non-crypto believers may be tempted to invest in Big Eyes coin, for the positive impact on the environment alone.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin and Tether are two of the top dogs in the crypto industry for different reasons. Bitcoin has immense monetary potential, whereas Tether is the ideal gateway into the crypto universe.

However, Big Eyes coin’s unique selling points of adorable NFTs and eco-friendly donations could allow it to jump up the crypto rankings.

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