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The practice of replacing anabolic steroids with safer substances, Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) is booming in the fitness world.

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Clinical evidence suggests that these drugs are effective in binding to androgen receptors and stimulating the growth of muscle mass.

However, SARMs are research drugs that are constantly subjected to scientific trials and experiments. Owing to which, authorities have not shown their consent over their use for any medicinal or recreational purposes. 

Essentially, the overall status and nature of these drugs are extremely questionable.  As a result, it is extremely important for buyers to seek a reliable dealer while purchasing any of the SARMs. 

Now the definition to understand a ‘reliable dealer’ is simple and straightforward. It is one that meticulously examines the transparency and authenticity of the product while ensuring testing from a third-party lab. 

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A dedicated company that masters in dealing in superior-grade compounds and substances is Chemyo Research Products. The masterminds are professional and enthusiastic in offering goods that not only check the standards of purity but legitimacy too. 

What is Chemyo Research?

Essentially, Chemyo is a popular company that stocks and trades in authentic reference substances after ensuring absolute verification of each. The group follows standards encompassing quality control and anabolic tendencies through neutral, third-part testing.  Once the good checks the set selling criteria, it then passes on to the next stage that involves handling it to its respective buyer. 

Now the brand pays a heavy emphasis on the purity of the substances. Thereby, people from all regions of the world trust the supplier for SARMs, the genuineness of which is questionable elsewhere.  

Chemyo SARMs Best Sellers:

Unlike most of the businesses running in the fitness industry, Chemyo is a full-fledged, licensed supplier of investigational drugs. The company takes a pledge in offering solutions that not only favors purposes relating to research but fitness goals too. 

Some of its SARMs that are mostly sought by customers are:

1-    RAD-140 Testolone (best for bulking):

Testolone entered the medical field with its promising strength to inhibit muscle and bone-associated loss. This loss mostly occurs from health conditions like muscle atrophy and osteoporosis in older adults. 

Basically, Rad-140 possesses properties similar to Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Thereby, it goes a long way in instigating muscle regeneration, allowing you to build fat-free mass and physical stamina. 

The anabolic index of Testolone is stronger against other SARMs of its class. Considering which, it becomes the most powerful in supporting fitness goals prioritizing muscular growth and strength. 

The pure and induction sealed RAD-140 is available at Chemyo in a 50ml (10mg/ml) container offering 70% higher quantity. The company offers the drug in solution and powder form for you to pick what suits your needs the most. 

2-    MK-677 Ibutamoren (best for cutting):

MK-677 is a powerful, orally-active, growth hormone stimulator that has quite a standing in the bodybuilding community. Essentially, it supports the pituitary gland in the making of human growth hormone, so that you can reap all the fitness-related goodness that comes through it. 

Also known as Ibutamoren, the drug is generally incorporated into regimens that focus on aesthetic, leaner muscles. It further boosts cognitive functions, prevents muscles from unnecessary waste, while turning your workouts more dynamics through increased muscle endurance. 

The authentic MK-677 is available in solution and powder form at Chemyo. The company offers the substance in a 50ml (25mg/ml) container that equips 70% more drug against the 30ml supply. 

3-    MK-2866 Ostarine(best for bulking and cutting):

The narrowly focused, nonsteroidal Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator Ostarine is also popular by the name MK 2866. Extremely sought-after in the bodybuilding culture, the drug focuses on boosting the muscle-building process while bringing down the fat percentage. 

The broad-spectrum SARM mostly slips into the bodybuilding journey of a novice mass gainer. However, that doesn’t make it any less popular among advanced bodybuilders who reap its quality to preserve mass volume density. 

MK-2866 is available at Chemyo in 25mg strength in a 50ml bottle. Likewise, they can pick their desired form from the given liquid and powder options. 

4-    GW-501516 Cardarine (best for cutting):

The metabolic modulator encloses the potential to alter the way our body uses fat. And so, it is one of the most effective fat burners you can come across for your scale goals.  Essentially, it is not some SARM that some of us assume it to be. It is a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) agonist that creates fat loss momentum through pacing a sluggish metabolism. 

In addition to muscle-sculpting effects, GW-501516 ideally complements athletic training and competitions through boosting sports performance. It intensifies strength and endurance that power up workouts and provides an edge in and out of competition. 

Chemyo sells the transparent and thoroughly-researched Cardarine in both solution and powder form. Buyers can avail the drug in a 50ml (10mg) bottle housing70% more of the substance than the 30ml container. 

5-    S4 Andarine (best for bulking and cutting): 

Andarine is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator that many use to take the bodybuilding game up a notch. It sparks the growth of muscle mass while drying out the body of unnecessary fat. 

Similar to any other SARM, S4 binds to androgen receptors and stimulates anabolism in the body. The high-potency drug improves fat burning, body composition, and athletic performance in men and women seeking the fitness edge.

 Many times, people stack S4 and Cardarine to take their cutting potentials to extremes. It is also common to fuse Andarine and Ostarine to become immune to any bulking limits!

The original supply of Andarine is accessible through Chemyo in powder and solution form. The company offers the drug in a 50ml (50mg) bottle with free shipping to the US on $100+ orders 

SARMs Solutions Vs Powder:

The experts stock the drugs in both liquid solution and powder form to accommodate users with different dosing preferences.

Usually, buyers prefer to go for the liquid solution that involves oral ingestion through direct intake or under the tongue. The powder substance demands self-encapsulation of the drug or consumption through some drink. 

In either of the cases, the performance-enhancing substances deliver optimum results.

Chemyo Customer Reviews:

Owing to the escalating demand for SARMs, the PED market has always been risky for every inexperienced buyer. Brands are managed by high-level marketers that promise purity of their substances, but their results suggest otherwise.  

Chemyo is a drug supplier that is not in demand by some advertising strategies, but by word-of-mouth on fitness forums. Users claim that they receive genuine substances that kick in the very day, for a price too fair. 

Overall, they believe that Chemyo is the ideal fitness companion that helps them grab the ‘real thing’ without some prescription! Moreover, they assert:

✔    I tried ibutamoren and noticed drastic improvements in my sleeping pattern. Of course, I cut some serious fat here and there but frankly, it has been a lot more than that!- Bob M, 33 years

✔    What impressed me more what that highly professional customer service. I had tons of questions all over my head but the reps were quite responsive. Carlos, 41 years

✔    Yes the products were real for sure. Amazing quality and go-to for some legit stuff- Adrian, 36 years

✔    I cycled RAD-140 and packed a raw 22 pounds in an 8-week span. It was surprising as I’ve ordered the compound from a different source in the past and haven’t gained much – Shawn-56 years

✔    From different payment methods to on-time delivery, everything related to their service impressed me to the max! Xavier C, 29 years


The increasing popularity of Chemyo Research indicates that the drug store is all about quality for its customers. The suppliers have confidence in their supplies, which goes to the rigorous testing and FTIR techniques validating their anabolic powers. 


Is Chemyo safe?

Chemyo is one of the safest and reliable spots to order SARMs from anywhere around the world. The company has a very cooperative, well-versed customer service that can greatly assist you with your fitness-related queries. 

What SARM is best for bulking?

RAD-140 and Ostarine are the most powerful bulking agents to power up your muscle-building process. While each of these is extremely strong in oiling up your engines, you can consider stacking RAD-140 with ligandrol to maximize the muscle pump.

What Chemyo SARMs is best for cutting?

For cutting and removing the unwanted layers of fat, Cardarine is the best deal for you. Besides, you need no second thought for Ibutamoren that too, is a tested fat burner. For higher muscle definition and composition, you can pair Cardarine with Ostarine or Ibutamoren with Ligandrol.  

What is the best SARM for testosterone?

Ostarine works best as the alternative of testosterone. So yes, you can count on the SARM for quality, ultra-lean muscles that stock unbeatable degree of strength!

Does Chemyo sell PCT?

The company does not deal in PCT. However, it offers the purest and quality control SARMs for you to make the most from.

Does Chemyo ship to Australia?

Yes, it does. In fact, it delivers its goods all over the world within 2-5 working days after the order is processed. 

Is Chemyo Legit?

Chemyo is a legit, licensed drug supplier that is in the business for long. It has a very convincing customer rating on user portals that seem more than contented over its transparency and dealing.

Is Chemyo A Legit SARMs Source?

Yes. Chemyo routinely updates their 3rd party verification tests, so you know that all the SARMs you buy from them are at least 99% pure, and more often than not, are 99.5% pure. We’ve personally tested their SARMs ourselves, and can attest to their purity and efficacy.

What is Chemyo?

Chemyo is an online SARMs vendor which sells high quality research chemicals, which are all tested for purity. They’re one of the industry leaders in the SARMs niche, and are known for their fast shipping, great customer support, and competitive prices.

Is Chemyo A Trustworthy Company?

Yes. While it’s possible that some users may have a bad experience, we’ve interacted with them on numerous occasions, and have always found their support staff to be polite, kind, and helpful. We’ve also tested their SARMs on numerous occasions, and can attest to their purity.

Are SARMS legal?

It is legal to buy and sell SARMS for research, although, it is illegal to buy and sell them in capsule form for human consumption, or labeled as dietary supplements.

Is Chemyo a good brand of SARMS?

Chemyo is considered one of the best suppliers of SARMS on the market currently. 

Are SARMS steroids?

SARMS are not anabolic steroids. They are Synthetic ligands that bind to androgen receptors. For a more in-depth explanation, visit this Wikipedia page.

How quickly do SARMS work?

Once ingested, a SARM will almost immediately start working in the body. A person may begin to notice visible changes in just 2 to 3 days.

Are there any negative side effects of using SARMS?

As SARMS are not FDA approved, there are some possible negative side effects associated with use. Some of the more severe side effects include an increase in the risk of a heart attack or stroke and liver damage. 

How do I make sure I am accessing the genuine Chemyo website?

Either enter the genuine URL into your address bar visit here or when searching through a search engine like Google, always select the first result that comes up and has a green tick next to it to verify the site’s authenticity.


Is Chemyo the purest SARM on the market?

Chemyo claims to achieve 99% purity on all of their SARMS. This is something other SARMS providers would struggle to achieve. Therefore Chemyo is definitely among the purest, if not, the purest source of SARMS out there.

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