“Circle Works With The Philosophy Of giving Clients A Nostalgic Experience,” Says Founder Ankit Raturi

Balance is one of the most integral aspects of life that helps one see the doors to success. Pushing oneself beyond their comfort zone and learning new things makes business people thrive in their industry. Failures happen but strong-headed people like these choose to learn from them and adjust to the changes. A prosperous business person is one who not only makes their enterprise reach tremendous heights but also holds the ability to retain their customers and make each of their employees happy. One such businessman who works with the same thought and has set a strong foothold in various realms is the founder of the brand Circle, Ankit Raturi. In this exclusive interview, this business prodigy talks about his intriguing experiences.

1. What was the moment of epiphany that led to the inception of Circle? Secondly, How did you stumble upon the idea of ​​opening multiple ventures?

After leaving my job as a marketing manager I decided to start something of my own. I had prior experience working as a Marketing & Franchise Head in a reputed Tattoo Studio, therefore, I understood the economics of the industry and wanted to build a venture of my own while working on the backhand. During my working tenure, I found some really great colleagues who became my friends and the moment I decided to start the business, they all decided to join, they all decided to join me without hesitation. My team definitely played an integral role in my success. Secondly, Warren Buffet’s quote, “Never depend on a single income, make investments to create a second source,” is the biggest motivation that urged me to start multiple ventures.

2. What is the mission statement that distinguishes Circle from its competitors?

In my opinion, every entrepreneur has a unique mindset when it comes to manifesting their brainchild into reality. I along with my team have created ‘Circle’, our enterprise in a way that it is not confined within certain parameters rather we aim to shatter all the boundaries and succeed through all the odds. The name itself came out of the ideology of the circle being one of the most difficult things to be inked on the human body. Thereby, showcasing how overcoming the inevitable hurdles in life should be the ultimate goal. Circle also shows how unity builds the highest power of all time. In our case, my circle of friends was the driving force behind the successful establishment. In the end, we at Circle work with just one philosophy that every client encounter should feel like meeting an old friend.

3. Did you face any roadblocks in your journey? If yes, then what did you learn from those?

I will be lying if I say that my journey was without any roadblocks. There were a few but instead of talking about them, I would rather prefer to highlight my learning. Challenging times showed me that it is the quality of teammates that matter, not the quantity. Every difficulty the brand faced was counteracted successfully only because of a united team effort. Be it a good day or bad they stood by my side and supported me while giving me the confidence to take the hardest decisions. One of the finest qualities that the whole Circle team possesses is that each member treats the business as their own. All these observations made me realize that ideas may come and go but a team that is ready to do whatever it takes to thrive is more crucial than any billion-dollar idea.

4. Where do you want to see the company five years down the line?

Currently, the brand has two circle tattoo studios, one in Mumbai and one in Delhi. With that, we also have a cafe by the name Circle Cafe in Mumbai, a marketing agency called Circle Marketing to help companies achieve their marketing goals and an online imitation jewelery brand Subtle by Circle. Now further we plan on opening a franchise for our tattoo studio and cafe in various metropolitan cities. Additionally, in the next two years, the brand is also coming up with a salon, an apparel brand and a dance studio. Along with all these, one of my biggest wishes is to help all of my core teammates and make sure that they do not just remain employees but also become business owners. I want them to come up with business ideas which I will surely support and help them achieve their dreams in the same way they have been supportive towards Circle.

5. What has been your success mantra and what piece of advice would you like to give to all budding entrepreneurs?

I never had any particular mantra for success. I have always been a believer in saying that hard work pays off and I work with the same mindset. It has been the whole team’s determination and constant efforts that have helped me make this average business idea successful. With what I have learned over all these years, I can only give one piece of advice to all budding entrepreneurs which is to invest in your employees and their growth. This will surely make victory knock on your door as your team will feel empowered and will put in even more effort while working for your company.

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