ColonBroom Reviews – Best Supplement To Clean Your Gut

Excellent digestive health mostly depends on what you eat, but it might not always be spot on, and symptoms such as irregular bowel movements, stomach pain, and constipation might indicate that something’s not quite right.

If a healthy diet doesn’t make the problem go away, you might turn to supplements to combat these symptoms. ColonBroom is a natural digestive supplement that helps alleviate gut issues, improve food digestion, and prevent constipation.

This supplement prevents bloating and increases metabolism, helping you keep your weight within a healthy range. The benefits of this digestive supplement allow you to get through the day (and night) with nothing to hold you back.

So, could ColonBroom be what you’re looking for? Read this product review for more information.

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What Is ColonBroom?

ColonBroom is a dietary supplement made by Max Nutrition LLC in the US to improve your gut microbiota. It contains natural ingredients to eliminate the symptoms of improper gut health. The probiotics in this digestive supplement boost good gut bacteria, allowing your digestive system to function properly.

As a result, this supplement helps to keep bloating and irregular bowel movements at bay. At the same time, organic fibers will reduce your digestive condition symptoms and other digestive difficulties.

Additionally, ColonBroom lowers blood sugar, increases metabolic rate, and is an excellent option if you’re looking for a product to cleanse your digestive tract.

How Does ColonBroom Work?

ColonBroom contains psyllium husk fiber that is one of the most potent ingredients for relieving gut problems. Let’s take a closer look at the numerous benefits ColonBroom provides thanks to this fiber.

Relieves constipation

Psyllium is a bulk-forming fiber that binds to partially digested food entering the small intestine from your stomach. The fiber is soluble and improves water absorption to increase your stool size and moisture content.

As a result, the stool becomes bigger and easier to pass, which is how the ColonBroom supplement relieves constipation.

Helps to manage diarrhea

Psyllium husk is an incredible water-absorbing agent that slows down the stool passage through your colon, allowing your digestive system to form a stool with the proper moisture content, weight, and texture.

The ColonBroom supplement aids in the treatment of diarrhea, and some studies have even indicated that psyllium fiber reduces diarrhea in cancer patients receiving X-ray therapy.

Even more astounding, this supplement has the potential to cure lactulose-induced diarrhea; just 3.5 grams of this substance is required to reap the benefits.

Lowers your blood sugar levels

ColonBroom controls the glycemic response of the digestive system to the meals you consume by using none other than the abovementioned gel-forming fiber psyllium. It regulates the impact of your food on your blood sugar level and also regulates your insulin levels.

Lowers cholesterol levels

The psyllium in the supplement binds to both fat and bile acids in your food. This aids your body’s excretion of certain dietary components. The body will then compensate for the missing fats and bile acids.

Your liver will use the cholesterol to produce these components. While your liver uses the cholesterol in its reserves, your blood cholesterol plummets to safe levels. A study showed that 6g of psyllium taken over 6 weeks can help you lose 6% of bad LDL cholesterol!

Helps you lose weight

Psyllium husk forms viscous compounds in your digestive tract, which leads to a slowdown of your stomach emptying, helping you stay satiated for longer.

With your appetite on the decline, your calorie intake will follow suit.

Improves cardiovascular health

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), dietary fibers can lower blood cholesterol and heart complications such as heart attack or stroke. AHA has also noted that fibers in the digestive system could help you manage type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Restores your microbiota

ColonBroom supplements contain prebiotics, non-digestible compounds your gut bacteria eat. Although the gut bacteria in your digestive tract don’t ferment all psyllium fibers, they ferment a small portion to produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFA).

The probiotics ferment the fibers in this supplement slowly, reducing gas production in your stomach. ColonBroom can also treat colon inflammation and alleviate symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

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ColonBroom Ingredients

Let’s take a closer look at what other ingredients – besides psyllium husk – make ColonBroom an excellent choice for promoting gut health.

Citric acid

Citric acid helps your digestive system transform the food you eat into usable energy. Your digestive system converts this nutrient into citrates during the citric acid cycle, which helps you derive energy from the food you eat.

Additionally, this ingredient increases the bioavailability of minerals, allowing your body to absorb more minerals from your diet. At the same time, this ingredient prevents kidney stone formation and helps break the already-formed kidney stones.

Crystallized lemon

The main function of crystallized lemon in the supplement is constipation reduction. Since this ingredient supplements vitamin C, it also boosts your immune system.

Sea salt

This ingredient boasts an anti-inflammatory property, making it perfect for managing inflammation and pain caused by arthritis.

At the same time, sea salt boosts your immune response and boasts an alkaline property to minimize the spread of bacterial and viral infections. Besides, this ingredient contains minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and iodine, which are also necessary for optimal health.

Sea salt also helps minimize bloating, stomach cramps, and ingestion, among other stomach problems.


Stevia enhances the flavor of the ColonBroom supplement and is a natural sweetener. It is an excellent sugar substitute and has no calories, which is good news for those looking to shed a few pounds!

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ColonBroom Before and After

It’s recommended to take the ColonBroom supplement 30 minutes to 1 hour after a meal, twice a day, ideally not close to bedtime.

You can mix a teaspoon of the ColonBroom powder with 8 ounces of water and drink the mixture. Also, you want to drink a glass of water after taking this supplement. Consuming a dosage of the ColonBroom supplement provides your digestive tract with 3.6g of psyllium fiber.

You might experience positive changes in your bowel movements within the first 24–72 hours, but results could vary.

As mentioned above, you might feel improvements in mood, bowel movements, reduced bad LDL cholesterol, increased satiety, and reduced weight, among others.

ColonBroom Customer Reviews

The users who have tried ColonBroom have rated it 3.6 stars on the TrustScore website. On their official website, however, the supplement rakes even more stellar reviews. Another great feature of the brand is that they engage with their users and reply to any concerns, thus ensuring transparency.

Many reviews show the supplement is an incredible weight loss aid. And the ingredients of this supplement speak for themselves.

Over 95% of users have noticed improvements in their bowel movements after using the ColonBroom supplement. 80% of users have reported impressive weight loss results and reduced hunger.

What’s also impressive is that as much as 90% of ColonBroom users reported feeling lighter after only 12 hours of taking the supplement. Aside from the benefits, the supplement ships for free and boasts fast delivery.

The website also has a secure checkout to protect your financial details. Since this supplement has profound benefits for its users, it might help you the same way it helps millions of people with various gastrointestinal disorders.

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ColonBroom Side Effects

While this supplement, marketed as a dietary product with no side effects, works efficiently, it can have some side effects if you don’t follow the usage direction.

Might cause abdominal pain

The psyllium husk forms a bulk and has laxative effects, but it can cause abdominal pain and cramps if you overdose on the recommended amount. ColonBroom makes sure to use the appropriate ratio for optimal effects.

Nonetheless, consuming this supplement more than twice daily might get more psyllium into your digestive tract hence the cramps.

Upset stomach

While the citric acid amount in this supplement is within safe levels, it might cause stomach upset for those sensitive to this ingredient. The most common symptom of this side effect is nausea. Also, you may experience a fast heartbeat, numbness in your limbs, and fatigue.


You may also experience stomach problems at first, and that’s because crystallized lemon may trigger a burning sensation in your stomach from GERD and acid reflux. Frequent urination is another side effect of the ColonBroom dietary supplement.

Might increase your blood pressure

Excess sodium increases blood pressure if you take more than the recommended dose of sea salt. As a result, even more sodium could cause kidney stones and osteoporosis in the long run.

The ColonBroom supplement content is a perfect ratio of natural ingredients suitable for daily use. So, keeping to the usage recommendations is a surefire way to avoid any possible side effects.


  • Eliminates constipation
  • Reviews have shown the supplement improves stamina and strength
  • Improves the immune system and metabolism
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Helps you lose weight effectively
  • Relieves stress to improve your mood
  • Reduces inflammation of the colon
  • Improves bowel movements
  • Boosts your digestive health


  • Not available on all e-commerce websites
  • Might cause side effects if you don’t follow the usage directions

ColonBroom Price

You can buy the ColonBroom supplement from their official website. Even if other websites sell it, you should get it from the official website since it allows you to fill out questionnaires to tailor a ColonBroom supplement to your specific needs.

There, you will be asked specific questions about your gender, current health state, health symptoms you’re prone to, and others to accurately generate the best option for you.

The survey is straightforward and takes minutes to complete. The website will display the prices after completing the survey. If you buy one bottle of the ColonBroom supplement for $54.99, you’ll get a free diet guide plus free shipping.

You can save money by buying three ColonBroom bottles for $35.99 per bottle or six supplements for $27.99 per bottle. And if the supplement doesn’t work for you, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Is ColonBroom legit?

Yes, ColonBroom reviews show that this supplement is legitimate as it resolves constipation and improves gut health. The dietary supplement contains all-natural ingredients to minimize side effects. Besides alleviating constipation, ColonBroom supplements treat diarrhea, lower blood cholesterol, and help manage weight.

Does ColonBroom really work?

Yes, ColonBroom works to stop or prevent constipation. It contains psyllium fiber that improves stool moisture, texture, and weight, thus eliminating gut problems. Also, this supplement lowers blood cholesterol to improve your health.

How much fiber is in ColonBroom?

The ColonBroom supplement contains 3.6g of psyllium fiber per serving. Besides this fiber quantity, the supplement has 2g of soluble fiber, 4g of carbohydrates, and 20mg of calories. The fibers have plenty of benefits, most notably constipation prevention.

When do you take ColonBroom?

You should take the supplement 30 minutes to an hour before a meal twice a day. You might experience side effects if you exceed the dosage, so make sure you stick to the recommendations. You also want to avoid taking the supplement at bedtime.

How long does it take for ColonBroom to work?

You might experience positive changes in your bowel movements within the first 24–72 hours, but results could vary.

After the first bottle of ColonBroom, you’ll notice evident differences in your gut health, but for the best results, we recommend using the supplement for 2–3 months (2–3 bottles).

Who should use ColonBroom?

The ColonBroom supplement is ideal for anyone wanting to improve gut health issues or even shed a few pounds.

Although this supplement is generally safe for everyone, it is highly recommended to consult with your doctor before using ColonBroom in case you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive.

Where can you buy ColonBroom?

You can buy the ColonBroom supplement from their official website. Although you can find this supplement on other websites, it’s recommended to choose the official website to ensure legitimacy.

More importantly, buying from the official website allows you to customize your supplement.


ColonBroom is a nutritional supplement that promotes a lighter, more energetic state. If you’re already taking steps to eat healthy, exercise, and manage stress, ColonBroom can help you lose weight. If you have constipation or other digestive issues, ColonBroom will help you get things going naturally.

The four basic functions of the supplement – hunger suppression, colon cleansing, regular bowel movements, and weight loss – provide tangible results and support a healthy lifestyle.

With extensive research behind this supplement, users are sure to improve their digestive health. Overall, ColonBroom delivers incredible results, making it a worthy investment.

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