We just switched Birch from his crib to a big boy bed (well, from a toddler bed to a twin bed!). Here’s how it went!

From Crib To Big Boy Bed

The last few remaining baby items in our house were the high chair and the crib (aka toddler bed at this point). Birch has never been in a hurry to move to the next phase, so we haven’t rushed him. There’s been no reason to!

But one weekend day I was in a decluttering mood and decided we’d inch towards the next phase: a big boy twin bed. The twin bed has been in there since he was born. (See the nursery tour here and when this room was my office!). With a crib, bed, and rocking chair, this room has been TIGHT. We are all thrilled to have some more space!

Thomas took Birch out on a hike and I added a rail to his bed and then switched the crib and bed locations.

The Before Layout

Bed Placement

I don’t know if it’s feng shui or just a gut instinct, but I wanted his bed to be on an interior wall and not under a window. Maybe because I’m scared of trees falling on the outer corner?! So I always knew I’d put the bed to the left of the door, just where his crib was.


Changing Table Topper

I also removed the changing table topper so that the dresser is all set for life! This is the Blythe Dresser from Pottery Barn that has a removable changing table topper. I gifted the topper to our neighbor, who is expecting, so she can turn a dresser into her changing table.

It looks so sleek now!! The two-toned baskets are from Target.

The First Night

I honestly had no idea if Birch would want to go back to his crib or switch to the new bed. I hyped it up, and guess what? HE WAS THRILLED! He came home and squealed!

He got right in and started playing.

And that night he slept beautifully (with Wool E. Bull!).

Goodbye Crib

The next morning, I asked him if he wanted to keep his crib or say goodbye. To my surprise, he said goodbye. So we had a short ceremony. He laid down and said “I love you crib” and proceeded to jump across it 5 times.

So many crib memories!

I think it was much more emotional for me since this was Mazen’s crib too!

Newborn Mazen
Sweet Birch

Big Brothers

The crib has been passed down to a friend of mine who needed one. Bye bye, lovely crib!

The Big Boy Room

And finally, here are the after photos without the crib.

Big boy reading in his big boy room

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