Crypto Games Calvaria And Tamadoge Provide More Thrills

NFT-based games came into the spotlight recently, and everyone wanted to be a part of this new trend. Intending to introduce blockchain technology to more users, Sandbox became a pioneer project in providing Metaverse and NFT games.

This article provides technical analysis and price predictions regarding this Metaverse project. It also features other new crypto projects that are set to bring revolutionary gameplay to crypto users.

If you are not an avid gamer, the article considers two blockchain gaming platforms (Calvaria and Tamadoge) and other crypto projects (Dash 2 Trade and that could revolutionize the crypto space.

Sandbox Price Prediction and Expectations
Sandbox is a community-based platform based on the Ethereum network, which allows users to create a virtual world, develop it, and monetize their experience. Initially launched in 2012, Sandbox combines DAO and NFTs to provide an excellent Metaverse experience for its users.

Despite its play-to-earn initiative, Sandbox has been under intense bearish pressure. Still, it is found in the top 50 cryptos in the market, which shows the community backing this project among crypto bears.

While it is currently at $0.89, a far cry from its all-time high of $8.44, Sandbox still shows bullish prospects.

The daily chart of Sandbox (SAND/USDT) shows a recent rally after hitting a low at $0.69. While this rally could offer investment opportunities, investors should be wary of the resistance levels (red lines) around $1 price. Yet if the price breaks those levels, it could signal a bullish rally of the Sandbox token. Here are expected price predictions for 2023 and subsequent years.

Two Crypto Games to Provide More Thrills in the crypto space
While many still consider investing in Sandbox long-term, other new gaming projects could offer nice gains in years to come. Take a closer look at these projects.

Calvaria – A Battle Card Game with a Play-to-earn Ecosystem
The gaming world is increasingly becoming immersive. Calvaria is the next-gen blockchain platform ready to combine flagship gaming and blockchain play-to-earn functions in an ecosystem that allows users to own their resources, in-game assets, and rewards.

Calvaria is set to release its flagship battle card game called Calvaria: Duels of Eternity. This flagship game will feature various strategic modes to ensure players get the best of their gaming sessions as they compete with each other to gain assets, unique character cards, and upgrades.

Gamers can earn rewards through the in-game currency, $eRIA, which they can use in purchasing character upgrades and power-ups to boost their chances of winning battles in the game.

Also, users can freely run the ecosystem economy using $RIA tokens. This token ensures that users can participate in a staking system where they can lock their tokens and earn income passively over time. $RIA token holders also enjoy participating in community decisions and voting on projects that would impact the platform’s longevity.

Currently, the Calvaria platform is undergoing ten presale rounds where crypto traders and investors have a chance to scoop $RIA tokens that could set them up for extraordinary gains when the platform releases its flagship product to the market.
Each presale round is selling out fast, with each round getting more expensive than the last. Take full advantage of the current presale round to enjoy huge gains.

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Tamadog – A Play-To-Earn Meme Coin
After an impressive presale record of $19 million, Tamadoge is creating a class on its own despite being touted as a meme coin, creating a use case that makes it stand out from other meme coins in the crypto space.

Tamadoge is creating a play-to-earn ecosystem where users can own their NFT pets called doges. These doges are developed and trained by their owners so they can battle other doges in a Metaverse world called Tamaverse and compete for top spots on the leaderboard.

To further prepare users for this play-to-earn game, Tamadoge has released 21,100 NFT collections of pets, including 20,000 common doges, 1000 rare doges, and 100 Ultra-rare doges with the latter two having unique and supercharged abilities that users can advantageously use in battle.

Apart from releasing its NFT game, Tamadoge is actively keeping up with its roadmap to form more metaverse partnerships in the coming year and integrate NFT pets into the physical world, just like Pokemon Go. These features could propel Tamadoge to greater heights.

Tamadoge tokens are available in several top-tier exchanges, and it may be the last chance to scoop up TAMA tokens at such a low price. Also, its NFTs are available at low prices on OpenSea.
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Other Non-gaming Crypto Projects to Consider
Altcoins always provide excellent choices to adapt to the needs of users. If you are not an avid gamer, you can consider these crypto projects ready to provide unique features to the crypto market.

Dash 2 Trade – Creating A World-Class Analytics Platform

Dash 2 Trade is a world-class platform that provides crypto insights and on-chain analytics to help improve crypto traders’ journeys. With the help of a dashboard, Dash 2 Trade platform invites users to explore features that could equip them with the best trading strategies they can use to make consistent and long-term market profits.

Furthermore, by implementing a scoring system for crypto ICOs and presales, D2T users can gain early access to such projects and fill up their bags, making huge profits when they are listed in the market.

Other features include trading signals, social & technical indicators, listing alerts, Auto Trading API, and more. Its utility native currency, the D2T token, is used in monthly subscriptions to access the full feature of the D2T dashboard.

Dash 2 Trade was running its presale and made $3.5 million in its second presale week, with more presale rounds to reach. So, to fully enjoy quality and professional trading analytics all year round, now is the time to jump in on the investor train and scoop up some D2T tokens.
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The platform is implementing a carbon offset program to reduce the global carbon footprint. With the aid of this program, is connecting individuals and businesses with eco-friendly brands and providing their users with hundreds of environmental projects to help deal with the adverse effects of climate change.
Through blockchain technology, the IMPT platform records and actively rewards users when they purchase products from these affiliate brands with carbon credits which users can trade among themselves and earn money. Also, they can choose to retire carbon credits and get rewarded with NFTs.
Also, suppose a user does not wish to participate in this sustainable program. In that case, IMPT tokens, the platform’s native currency, are available in presale and will be converted to carbon credits when the platform fully launches.
Until then, investors and users can seize the opportunity to hold more IMPT tokens in its ongoing presale.
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Final Thoughts
Metaverse and play-to-earn crypto projects are on the rise, and it is essential to pay close attention to those with excellent use cases that could offer promising gains in the future. To that end, crypto investors and users should consider Calvaria and Tamadoge as the future of NFT gaming.
Also, diversification is vital in cryptocurrency; Dash 2 Trade and IMPT can also offer exciting investment opportunities in the coming year. So, get involved in their presales and enjoy excellent returns on your investment.

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