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In 2020, cryptocurrencies saw massive growth like never before. In November 2021, Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, reached an all-time high of $69045. This price surge positively impacted all crypto assets in the crypto space.

It provided numerous opportunities for new crypto projects to thrive. That period also witnessed the integration of blockchain technology with the 3D virtual world. Sandbox (SAND) is one of the top virtual world games that integrates its services with blockchain technology.
Initially, it was a regular mobile virtual game that allowed users to create and interact with custom-designed virtual worlds. However, it transitioned to blockchain technology in November 2021.

Kittynomica (KIN) is another blockchain-based crypto platform that offers services similar to the sandbox ecosystem. It is a new crypto project that has a lot of profitable opportunities.

Let’s first examine the components of the Sandbox (SAND) ecosystem, followed by the Kittynomica (KIN) ecosystem.

Sandbox Ecosystem
Sandbox (SAND) is a blockchain-based game that allows users to create unique worlds within its ecosystem.
Before its integration with the Ethereum blockchain, Sandbox was a top-rated game on the Android and iOS platforms. However, currently, it can offer its users more utilities with the Ethereum blockchain. The Sandbox (SAND) ecosystem is made up of three main parts.
1. VOX Edit: This is a building base where creators and designers can create user-generated items. These items can then be imported into the Sandbox game as in-game assets and sold to other users.
2. Sandbox (SAND) Marketplace: Users can buy or sell in-game assets in this marketplace. These may include land, real estate, clothing, or other in-game purchases.
3. Game maker: Landowners can utilize this tool to develop their land and create beautiful scenery. It adds to the gaming experience. A well-developed land can be monetized by charging other users visiting your land.
Land within the Sandbox is tokenized as an NFT. This makes it unique and immutable. The sandbox ecosystem has just 166464 pieces of land. Each land parcel is 96m2.

Land can be bought using SAND tokens. This is the native currency for all transactions within the Sandbox (SAND) ecosystem. SAND tokens have three main uses within the Sandbox (SAND) ecosystem. These include:
1. It is a utility token: LAND and other in-game assets are purchased using SAND tokens. It is the medium of exchange for all goods and services traded within the Sandbox ecosystem.
2. It is a governance token: Sandbox (SAND) developers intend to make the Sandbox (SAND) ecosystem fully decentralized and owned by the community. All SAND token holders can decide on future modifications within the Sandbox (SAND) ecosystem. SAND holders can also delegate this right to others
3. Staking: SAND tokens can be staked for rewards within the Sandbox (SAND) ecosystem. This staking adds to the SAND liquidity on Uniswap DEX.

Kittynomica (KIN)
Kittynomica (KIN) is a Binance Smart Chain platform created to unite meme creators with meme lovers in a decentralized environment. Each individual can interact and exchange memes for Kittynomica (KIN) tokens.
In addition to buying and selling memes, users can decide to purchase land at strategic locations within the Kittynomica (KIN) ecosystem. These landowners can choose to erect billboards. They can then rent these billboards to meme creators to advertise their memes.

The opportunities within the Kittynomica (KIN) ecosystem are endless. This virtual world will particularly help meme creators market their best work. Meme lovers can also buy their favorite memes and store them.
Memes within the Kittynomica (KIN) ecosystem will be in the form of NFTs. Kittynomica (KIN) will utilize the solid infrastructure of the Binance Smart Chain to make each meme NFT unique.

This will make each rare and unique, causing it to be sold at the best possible price. All transactions within the Kittynomica (KIN) ecosystem will be powered by “KIN,” its native BEP-20 token.
In addition to being a utility token, the Kittynomica (KIN) token will give its holders governance rights within the Kittynomica (KIN) DAO. This DAO will vote on improvements within the Kittynomica (KIN) ecosystem.

The Kittynomica (KIN) platform will be a community-managed virtual world. Its crypto community will also determine the utility of its native token democratically. The features the Kittynomica (KIN) tokens offer its users will make it thrive. Be a part of this fantastic project today by purchasing and holding the Kittynomica (KIN) token.




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