DEB Creates A Tribute For The Earthquake Museum Launched By PM Modi

For listening to DEB’s latest, visit Smriti Van Memorial in Bhuj district inside a one-of-a-kind, art tech installation built over an area of ​​around 470 acres, to celebrate the spirit of resilience shown by the people after the death of more than 13,000 people, during the 2001 earthquake, with its epicenter in Bhuj which Prime Minister Narendra Modi, inaugurated the Smriti Van, a one of its kind initiatives.

With immersive visuals using state of the art tech, the melancholy in music helps us to relive the experience of an earthquake, with the help of a simulator which is designed in a 5D simulator and is meant to give the visitor the ground reality of an event at this scale, a space for remembrance where they can pay homage to the lost souls.

Deb, who is the only Indian pop artist who has his composition in such a scale of installation, and is truly being recognized as the torch bearer of the “common man” sentiments.

Before this Deb gave India its Migrant song Safar”, written around the plight of migrants who have lost their daily livelihood, were found walking for 100’s of miles back to their villages.

He has 8 singles lined up for release. Deb who started in Kolkata, is distinctly rising above the regular “me too” artist culture, and wants to continue his future-tradition form of creatives.

“Art is telling a human tale. That’s the only thing that separates us from animals. With Bollywood in trouble, the music ecosystem needs a new painting, and to be on the life long journey of art and contributing to Indian pop scene, on becoming tomorrow’s culture, I urge Hon Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, for further seeing, the true potential in Indian artists” Deb adds.

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