Discover These Top Cryptos That Will Rally By 25x In 2022

The most famous and successful crypto token was once a penny. That is, the leading cryptocurrency project today was nothing in the past; it gradually made waves and gained value to become a big project.

People who invested in a project when it was small will be thankful that they made the right decision when the project became a big hit! TAMA and IMPT are one of the leading small projects with promising futures. You may be among the lucky investors in the future if you consider investing in cryptocurrency now.

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TAMA and IMPT are not the only projects with promising futures. Here is a list of cryptos that will rally 25x before the year runs out.

  1. Tamadog (TAMA) – features multiple projects

  1. (IMPT) – the best ongoing presale project

  1. Polygon – best penny token in 2022

  1. Cardano – one of the formidable Ethereum competitors

  1. Ripple – was once called the ultimate Bitcoin killer

  1. Decentraland – best metaverse crypto to buy

  1. Stellar – most promising crypto in 2022

  1. Tamadog (TAMA) – Features Multiple Projects

Tamadoge tops our list because the platform often adds more projects to its existing ones. For example, the rare Tamadoge NFTs are a collection of a 1,000-strong pack of rare Tamadoge NFTs, which are said to be limited to a 7-day OpenSea auction – they are almost ready for purchase. People who purchase the NFTs own the token, which may be scarce after it’s sold out. The project includes “ultra-rare NFTs” and “rare NFTs.” The two types of tokens are precious, especially to those who know their values ​​and love accumulating TAMA.

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The NFTs are unique such that you can resell them after purchase. For example, the platform will release 1,000 rare NFTs within two days, counting down from now, and people will start purchasing them from Monday. The token will not be available unless a user decides to place the NFTs for sale.

The NFT is a proposed project that shall be executed on Monday; however, some of Tamadoge’s existing projects are play-to-earn games, compatibility with many cross-border exchange platforms, and Tamadoge NFTs. The token is set for a rally by 25x, and it is no doubt that you can make a fortune if you consider the token before it is too late.

  1. Impt.Io (IMPT) – The Best Ongoing Presale Project

IMPT is a project that has been making waves since it was listed for presale. The token has raised over $4,600,000 since the beginning of the presale. The value is important because the token shows to be a valuable token among other presale cryptos since it makes good sales and attracts more investors.

Over 10,000 partners joined the crypto network and have added value to the token since then. It is important to note that is regarded as the best presale happening right now since it attracts investors, clears out sales (daily), and has sold over 215,000,000 out of 600,000,000.

The price may increase soon, and the value may also escalate. The token is priced at $0.018 for one at the stage one level. There is a high probability that the price will increase to $0.023 soon. Thus, individuals who have the coin have accumulated a valuable coin that they can sell at a reasonable price for profit when the token is finally listed on exchange platforms.

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  1. Polygon – Best Penny Token In 2022

The Polygon is one of the promising layer-2 scaling solutions for the Ethereum blockchain. The token is valuable in the sense that the token emulates the scaling solution of the Ethereum blockchain by providing premium security that users can leverage.

Although the project takes after Ethereum security level, it is way better than Ethereum because it uses a low-gas fee at high transaction processing speeds. The crypto is said to be among the 25x because of the roaring welcome it receives from the crypto community at large. The token is making ground with on-chain brands like Uniswap and OpenSea.

  1. Cardano – One Of The Formidable Ethereum Competitors

Cardano is also among Ethereum’s competitors; although it sells for cheap, it is highly valued. The crypto is among the leading crypto with a market cap value of $15,000,000,000. The token is known to have the most prominent smart contract network, capable of making extra gains before the year runs out.

  1. Ripple – Was Once Called The Ultimate Bitcoin Killer

The ripple was once called the ultimate Bitcoin killer in 2012 when the token was first launched. The reason is because of the role it played in the crypto-verse: it gained a number of wallers holding users, added investors, and was listed on several exchange platforms.

Ripple was famous for its rising trade volumes; it added the SWIFT payment system, dozens of international banks, and other financial institutions. We added the coin to our list because it has a promising future and is potentially possible to gain before the year runs out.

  1. Decentraland – Best Metaverse Crypto To Buy

Decentraland token is among the pioneer metaverse projects in the crypto world. It is regarded as the world’s most valuable and popular metaverse project. The token is among the promising metaverse crypto projects because it is fast-rising and supports DeFi, dApp, and Web3 programs. It also includes play-to-earn games on the platform.

  1. Stellar – Most Promising Crypto In 2022

Stellar is the most promising crypto in 2022 because it is a decentralized network with asset exchanges, micropayment services, and global payment apps. It also supports the creation of other types of cryptocurrencies, therefore regarded as one of the leading cryptos listed on globally recognized exchange platforms. And this is why we shortlisted the crypto among our top list 25x in 2022.


Most of the penny or unrecognized tokens will be the leading tokens tomorrow. The future holds the best, and you can choose to make the best of tomorrow if you invest today. Cryptocurrency is a game of prediction and investment – the way you invest determines your income or loss. Cryptos like TAMA and IMPT have promising futures. How about you take the risk today for a better tomorrow?

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