DJ Manzee Opens About His Struggling Days And The Way It Paid Off


Manish Rai, popularly known as DJ Manzee, is a remarkable Indian DJ Artist. He is known as one of the notable artists in the nightlife industry of Mumbai. Over the past months, Manzee received various opportunities to travel across the country and perform for his audience. Manzee has been successful in gaining popularity in various cities of India.

Manzee believes it all happened because he believed in rising through his painful struggling days. DJ Manzee began his journey of becoming a notable artist in India when he was rejected by a DJ playing in his neighborhood. He wanted to try spinning the records for once but little did he know, that the quest for playing it once will make him the craziest Bollywood DJ in India. Manzee was a dance practitioner. Later, he dropped the idea of ​​becoming a dancer to pursue a road that was less traveled. He first struggled to learn the new instruments. So, he decided to watch YouTube videos & other software.

After learning, the next struggle was to get good gigs. Manzee didn’t get many events so he kept playing in the neighborhood areas to enhance his skills and earn more experience. After three years of such gigs, Manzee earned some great pool party shows which was a turning point for him. These gigs helped people to understand the rise of a new artist. Manzee is grateful for his struggling days as he was confident in his hard work to earn people’s respect. He never gave up in his hustling days. Instead, he believed in pushing himself daily to become a better artist every day. He believes struggle pays off & nothing can beat a person who believes in himself.

DJ Manzee is an inspiration to today’s generation who believe in pursuing their passion. Today, Manzee has performed at more than 300 clubs across the country and is a resident DJ at Hex Mumbai. Some of his achievements include performing at many festivals and college fests like Springz fest, Dreamland festival, and Las vegas festival at The Lalit hotel (Mumbai). He has also shared stages with international DJs & singers like Badshah, Milind Gaba, Zack Knight, Divine, etc. Even with all this success, Manzee is known for his down-to-earth & simple personality. His eyes are on the clouds but his feet are always on the ground. In the coming months, his fans can anticipate more songs & more mesmerizing performances.


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