The best way to pass a drug test is to be properly clean, rather than just masking the toxins with the detox drink. That means naturally detoxing your body until you don’t have any drug metabolites left. But that’s tough to do, and how do accelerate the process? 

Well, the Toxin Rid 10 day detox is a pretty much guaranteed way of getting clean in 10 days or less; no matter how many drug metabolites you’ve got in your body at the start of the process. 

I’ve tried several detox pills over the past few years, and none of them work as well as Toxin Rid. So what I’ve done here is put together a complete guide for you to help you through the same journey far more quickly. 

I will cover everything you need to know: 

On top of that, I will conclude this full Toxin Rid review by telling you exactly where you can buy the Toxin Rid 10 day detox (and all the course lengths of Toxin Rid) at the best price. 


What Is The Toxin Rid One Day Detox? 

The Toxin Rid detox kit is a course of pills, backed up with a couple of other neat detoxification products I will also talk about, but will get you clean faster. 

It’s not cheap, but it’s the most effective course on the market. 

Over the years, I have used several detox pills for testing so I can write about them. None of them have really worked, because they are designed for general body detoxification over several weeks. 

The only pill I’ve ever found that really has the potency to kick drug toxins out of your body fast, including persistent cannabis toxins (those are real nasty and clean to fat cells in your body for weeks, and months sometimes), is Toxin Rid. 

You can get different course lengths, from a single day through to the maximum 10 day product. You can add additional days to your order dirt cheap that the seller I will tell you about later as well. 

But the 10 day detox should be more than enough for anyone. You take the pills over 10 days, and accelerate the speed at which drug toxins except the body. 


The Types Of Drug Test You Can Pass With Toxin Rid 

The types of drug test you can face are: 

  • Urine sample drug test 

  • Saliva drug test 

  • Blood drug test 

Overwhelmingly, it’s urine drug testing that is done in the USA (and most countries). The next most popular is saliva, and then hair. 

Hair drug testing is completely different because the metabolites are stuck in the hair shaft. You’ll need a different process called the Macujo method to get rid of those. Toxin Rid won’t work for hair drug testing. 

Neither will it really work for blood drug testing, because it doesn’t enter the bloodstream. Toxin Rid accelerates the expulsion of toxins through the bladder and bowels, not removing it from blood. 

However, you are unlikely to ever face a blood drug test unless you are undergoing a specialist drug test for law enforcement or medical purposes in extreme circumstances. 


Does Toxin Rid Really Work? 

Let’s answer this question straight up at the top of this Toxin Rid review. What would be the point in continuing to read of it doesn’t work? 

Toxin Rid does really work. I passed a live drug test eight days after using it, and I have a buddy who has as well (they were clean in four days). 

When you take drugs, the waste products that are broken down in the body called metabolites. They start in the bloodstream and saliva, and then work their way out of the body mostly through the bladder, but some cannabis metabolites also exit through the bowels (up to 60%). 

So what Toxin Rid does is flood your body with things which can accelerate the passing of stills in urine, speed up your metabolism rate, increase your processing rate, and create efficiency in the body which maximizes that expulsion progress. 

By my estimations, based on my own experiences and others, it speeds up the removal of toxins from your body by 50% or more. 

That means that if it would usually take you two weeks to get naturally clean, you could be clean in a week or even less. 

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My Experiences Using Toxin Rid To Pass Drug Tests 

When I last needed to get clean to pass a drug test, I want to be genuinely clean. It was an important job and I didn’t want to mess it up. 

That meant that fake urine and detox drinks were out as far as I was concerned. 

From application to interview with just under two weeks, which was faster than I thought, but I wanted to try. 

So, I started a natural detox the instant I heard. That consists of doing the following: 

  • Only eat healthy foods, lean proteins, fruit, vegetables 

  • Eat plenty of fiber (fiber helps draw cannabis metabolites out of the bowels) 

  • Exercise and sweat every day 

  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated 

  • Relax and keep your body and mind in good shape 

  • Cut out drugs and alcohol 

  • Minimize all other toxins and difficult to process food/drinks 

I will talk you through the full Toxin Rid instructions in a moment, but I followed them for 10 days. 

I also made sure I bought several cheap home drug test kit. I think I bought six, which meant I could do one per day from halfway through, and one on the day of my test before I left. 

I’m a daily weed smoker, which means I have a ton of metabolites in my body. Also, weed metabolites can cling to cells in the body four weeks after your last joint. That’s why cannabis is so dangerous for drug testing. 

I tested clean after day six. Day seven I actually tested positive again. But day eight, nine, and 10 I tested negative consistently. 

Day 12 was the day of my interview. Day 13 was when I had to go and submit a urine sample. One hour before I left, I took the final kit and I was still negative. 

So for me, as a chronic daily weed smoker, to be starting to test clean in six days is incredible. That’s why I strongly recommend only this pill course. 


Which Pill Course Length Should I Choose 

There are Toxin Rid pill course lengths from a single day all the way through to 10 days. 

To clear up the confusion, anything less then 5 day detox course is really only to be used as an emergency. It will get a lot of toxins out of your body, and allow you to mask the remaining ones with a detox drink. 

To get fully and naturally clean I would only recommend the seven day course if you are a moderate smoker or user (multiple times per week but not daily), and the full 10 day course if you are a daily weed smoker, or you are taking large doses of some of the drug several times per week. 

Even if you are clean a few days early, does it matter? By completing the course you are maximizing your chances of passing a drug test with full confidence. 


Toxin Rid Instructions: Here’s Exactly How To Use It To Get Clean 

Don’t worry, the instructions for using Toxin Rid aren’t particularly complex, however, you do need to make sure you follow the process religiously each day. 

Set reminders, stay focused, and don’t give up on the natural detoxification process alongside taking the pills. 

Remember, they are good quality detox pills, but they are not magic pills, you have to stop taking stuff in which will slow down the detox or add more drug metabolites to your system. 

So here are the steps to using the Toxin Rid 10 day detox: 

1. As soon as you know you could face a drug test stop taking drugs and begin a natural detox. 

2. On day one, you will take three Toxin Rid pills first thing in the morning when you wake up. You’ll then do that another four times for the first five hours you are awake, for a total of 15 pills in the first five hours of the day. Drink 8 fluid ounces of water with each set of three. 

3. The rest of each day make sure you eat small, good quality meals, and drink plenty of water. Also, make sure you urinate and pass stools as often as you can. 

4. On the last day of the 10 day Toxin Rid program, two hours after you take the last of the Toxin Rid pills, you’ll do this. Mix up the detox liquid with orange juice or filtered water. Drink half of it over 15 minutes. Do not drink or eat anything, and then drink the other half 2 hours later. Wait another two hours before you eat or drink anything else. 

5. On the day of your test, which will hopefully only be a day or two after you either finish the program or get clean, it’s time to mix up the dietary fiber package. Mix it with 8 ounces of filtered or distilled water, and drink it down rapidly. Wait 15 minutes, and then start drinking 16 fluid ounces of water over about another 15 minutes. Make sure you urinate at least twice after this, before you leave to submit your sample. 

I’ll mention here that the dietary fiber is designed specifically for cannabis use. As I said at the start, up to 60% of cannabis metabolites attach to fiber/bile that is drawn out through the bowels. By creating more bile with a high fiber diet you draw more toxins out as they attach more readily. 

If you are not a cannabis smoker, I think you could probably leave the dietary fiber step out, as no other types of drug metabolites exit through the bowels and taking a fiber supplement will not affect your urine at all. 


Additional Things To Do That Increase Your Chances Of Passing (Insurance Policies) 

If you follow the simple steps every day of the Toxin Rid course, you should start to get clean within a week even as a heavy weed smoker, or other drug user. 

But here are a few things you can do to increase your chances of passing a drug test. These are your insurance policies to make sure it happens. 

First, as I’ve said, make sure you buy some cheap home drug test kits. Half a dozen is optimal. Then you can use at least four in the last four days the course, and save one or two the day of your test to ensure that you are clean. 

Have a detox drink handy just in case you test positive on the day of your test. Take a drug test one hour before you leave, and if it fails, you can drink the detox drink and follow that process to mask the remaining toxins. 

This could happen if you are a cannabis user. As I’ve said, waste cannabis metabolites can attach to cells in the body and suddenly detach and appear in your urine days, even weeks after your last joint. So, by having a detox drink handy, you can ensure you mask any stray toxins should they start to appear. 


Toxin Rid Reviews: What Do People Say About It Right Now? 

When it comes Toxin Rid reviews, obviously some people will say that Toxin Rid doesn’t work. But, as I hope you can see, you have to use it properly to get it to work. 

I think a lot of people just assume you can take the pills for a few days and it just sweeps all the metabolites away. There is no magic pill or potion that can do that on earth. 

Here are some of the genuine reviews I’ve seen online: 

“Yeah this stuff works like a dream. Isn’t quick but does the job A++ guaranteed – do it right.” 

“THC detox products are usually complete crap. This was the seven day course and Toxin Rid work really well. Don’t take drugs, live clean, take the pills. Easy.” 

“I was a little skeptical about using Toxin Rid. I have used toxin removing pills in the past they didn’t really work at all. Fail one drug test, pass another with detox drink. Wanted to get properly clean and stay clean so used Toxin Rid to do it quickly, really works and got me clean in seven days which was brilliant as I am regularly smoking joints.” 

One thing I want to mention, something I didn’t see mentioned in any of the hundreds of reviews I scrolled through, is the fact that you will eradicate a lot of toxins and it can get quite disgusting in the first few days. 

Seriously, you will poo a lot. It will be dark, heavy, and not very pleasant at all. This stuff really draws toxins out through your bowels. 

It’s the same with your urine. Initially, you might notice it’s quite heavy and dark, and smells different. Again, it’s drawing toxins out of your body in high concentrations. You will definitely notice it happening. 


The Best Place To Buy Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox (And All Course Lengths) 

Let’s finish this guide to the Toxin Rid 10 Day detox by reviewing exactly where you can buy it at the best price. 

A word of warning here, don’t buy Toxin Rid, or any other detox products, from Amazon, eBay, GNC, or any other general marketplace website. They are often fakes, or sold close to being out of date. 

That’s also a general warning for all types of detox product. I don’t really know of any good quality detox drinks or pills are the sold on any of those general marketplace websites. It’s better to buy them from specialist sellers. 

In terms of Toxin Rid, Test Clear is the best place to buy it. 

The price is really good at from this authorized third-party seller, costing just $189.95 for the full 10 days toxin rid course. There is no working toxin rid coupon that I am aware of though. 

Plus, you can bundle detox drinks in when you buy it, add extra days, and they even sell specialist drug testing kits as well. 

So it’s an “one stop shop” for everything you need to pass a drug test using Toxin Rid pills. 

I will finish by saying you should have a detox drink in stock as a plan B. 

A good quality drink like Rescue Cleanse, or Mega Clean 32oz, are the best choices you can make. You’ll only need to drink it one hour before your test if you are still positive, and it will flush out your bladder, keep your urine appearing natural, and still allow you to pass the test. 

If you are really heavy with toxins detox drinks don’t always work, and even if you can’t get rid of all the toxins using Toxin Rid, this combo of detox drinks and the pills in advance will definitely help you to eliminate, or at least disguise the toxins you have. 

Click Here To Buy Mega Clean With Toxin Rid 

But in most situations, unless you are a chronic user or very unfortunate, then the Toxin Rid 10 day detox, hell even the seven day one, should get you clean in time. 


The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.

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