Entrepreneur Sanket Raka’s The Millers Homebar Gets Honoured With The Best Hospitality Service Award

It is a known fact that hospitality is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. While there are several hospitality establishments, every category in the hospitality sector has a primary objective – to create an enjoyable environment for its patrons. While the hospitality industry is vast, it offers a variety of services to its customers. Offering a premium party experience with delicacies and drinks, The Millers Homebar in Pune has become a go-to destination for all party enthusiasts.

The restaurant and bar has captivated everyone’s attention by offering quality services. Recently, The Millers Restaurant was awarded the Best Hospitality Service Award at the 1st National Tourism Short Film Festival 2022. Founded by Sanket Raka, the restaurant and bar is the ultimate destination for good food, music and some electrifying performances.

Organized by Parbhanna Foundation in association with Maharashtra State Tourism Department, Sanket is ecstatic after receiving the honour. From an early age, he dreamed of wanting to get into the business of restaurants. And today, Sanket owns two different clubs and bars in Pune. Besides The Millers Homebar, he also runs Drunken Panda Cafe & Lounge in the city.

Aiming to give a memorable nightlife experience to everyone, Sanket has some massive plans for the future. The entrepreneur has brought the best Indian DJs and artists to perform in his clubs, and he is now looking forward to bringing international artists to his clubs. Other than this, Sanket Raka is hopeful to offer the world’s best cuisine to the people.

Sharing his excitement about winning the award for The Millers Homebar, he said, “It was a delightful moment. I cannot express my feeling after receiving the honor. Winning awards motivate me to work harder. There’s a lot to achieve, and give the world -class experience to people.” On a parting note, Sanket Raka expressed his desire to expand the business and establish pubs in other parts of the country.

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