Environmentally Friendly Cryptos Algorand And Big Eyes Put Bitcoin To Shame 

This year alone, the Bitcoin Network omitted almost 50 million tons of CO2, which is more than many countries in the world. For a technology so revolutionary, the Bitcoin Network is one of the most greenhouse gas emitting sources (aside from agriculture and industries) in the world.

As more and more blockchains support proof of stake rather than proof of work to avoid the energy-consuming process of mining, the Bitcoin Network falls behind. That all being said, it is still the most popular and stable cryptocurrency to this day.

Cryptocurrencies Algorand (ALGO) and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) are putting Bitcoin (BTC) to shame with their environmentally friendly features and promotion of ecology conservation.

Algorand Is One Of The Most Sustainable Blockchains
Algorand is a blockchain like no other. Described as a green blockchain, Algorand is a far more energy-efficient blockchain than most in the market. And for the small carbon footprint Algorand creates, it offsets it with a ClimateTrade partnership. This has meant Algorand has been carbon negative since 2021.

Founder of the blockchain, Silvio Micali, stated to CNBC that the proof-of-state model drives electricity consumption to almost zero because he “cares[s] about the planet”.

Big Eyes Coin Has A 5% Charity Wallet Toward Oceanic Sanctuaries

Big Eyes Coin has been flying through its presale stages and has almost raised $7 million BIG tokens. With figures such as $500,000 jumping in one day, Big Eyes Coin highlights an important case for crypto and eco-conservation.

The idea of ​​Big Eyes is centered around saving the oceans, from conception to manifestation. With a creative narrative for the origin of Big Eyes in which the adorable cat discovers the value of the oceans and its ecology, Big Eyes markets itself as a feline needing to find fish to eat. As the website endearingly puts it, “We are also saving the oceans to save the fish. So we can eat the fish”.

There are several ways Big Eyes will achieve this goal. The most prominent one is that 5% of all the tokens available at launch will be donated to a charity wallet and donated to ocean-saving charities. This is all done to produce delicious cat food.

Additionally, with the release of Big Eyes Coin NFT Sushi Crew, Big Eyes will be spreading further awareness around the environment through art, events and discussion. Likewise, when the Big Eyes Coin Merch store opens, more items are likely to be created to spread this cute cat’s message.

Bitcoin Needs To Take A Page Out Of Big Eyes’ And Algorand’s Book
Following the COVID-19 pandemic and, simultaneously, the rise of crypto prominence, environmental awareness became a larger concern for the wider population. According to a recent BCG survey, over 70% of participants said they were more aware of the environment after the pandemic. And 40% of those surveyed also stated they intended to adopt more sustainable behavior in the future.

With the recent success of Big Eyes Coin’s presale, it can be assumed that crypto-enthusiasts are more environmentally conscious than ever. What this may mean for the future is the decline of crypto giants like the Bitcoin Network and the rise of good meaning, environmentally friendly cats like Big Eyes Coin.

For more information on this project:

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/?section=buy
Website: https://bigeyes.space/

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