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Weight loss supplements are a controversial topic.

A lot of evidence-based people claim that all fat loss supplements are bunk. And while I agree the vast majority of weight loss supplements out there are useless, an objective review of the scientific literature does turn up certain ingredients that can help you lose fat faster.

The problem with most products that contain those ingredients is marketing. Unfortunately, many companies overstate or outright lie about their products’ effectiveness. 

Today, we’ll be discussing the seven best supplements for weight loss, as well as three common ones you should avoid. 

So, press play and let me know your thoughts!


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2:50 – Is it necessary to take weight loss supplements?

7:13 – Why would it be necessary to take weight loss supplements? 

7:57 – Are weight loss supplements effective?

12:21 – Which weight loss supplements do you recommend?

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28:44 – Which weight loss supplements should we stay away from?

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