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Will changing up your workouts result in better muscle gains? 

Or is it better to keep your training program static and consistent, so you’re doing the same lifts and exercises week after week, month after month? 

In other words, does introducing novelty improve hypertrophy or does consistency trump all else? 

Many people are on the hunt for the “best,” most-scientifically-optimized program and as a result, constantly change their training regimen for the next best thing. This is called program hopping, and it’s generally something you want to avoid.

On the one hand, tweaking training variables can be a great way to keep things fresh and interesting so you enjoy your workouts. On the other hand, too much variability can make it hard to ensure you’re making progress.

In this podcast, I chat with scientist and friend Dr. Bill Campbell about changing up your training program. 

Specifically, we cover a recent study that looked at resistance training variables and how tweaking them affects rate of muscle gain compared to keeping workouts static.

And then we dive into practical advice for implementing both consistency and variability in your training.

In case you’re not familiar with Dr. Campbell, he’s a repeat guest on the podcast, and a professor of Exercise Science and the Director of the Performance & Physique Enhancement Laboratory at the University of South Florida, who’s also published more than 150 scientific papers. He also has a research review in which he examines scientific papers and breaks them down into simple, actionable takeaways. 

So, if you want to learn whether changing up your workouts will enhance or worsen your progress, what the latest science says on the matter, and how to do it correctly, listen to this episode! 


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2:46 – When should I change my program, what should I change, and why?

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17:41 – What was this study about in your research review?

41:18 – What’s your advice on making changes to your program and its variability?

484:52 – Are there some exercises that you shouldn’t change in your program?

50:09 – Are there any other considerations when changing your program?

58:44 – Where can people find you and your work?

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