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This podcast is a bit different because rather than interviewing a guest, I’m sharing an interview of me. Specifically, I recorded a webinar for students at Oxford Brookes University in the UK, in which I shared business advice for students who wish to start a health or fitness business or for fitness professionals who wish to grow their existing business.

I was interviewed by professor Paul Hough, a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science at the university. Not only is he a fellow author, but he’s worked with elite-level athletes in tennis and Formula One, and published several studies in academic journals.

In our discussion, we chat about . . .

  • Writing books (and why you need to enjoy it if you’re going to do it)
  • How to use content marketing to help people
  • The time management structure I use for projects and my daily schedule
  • My system for taking notes on what I read
  • How I deal with procrastination
  • My favorite part of being an entrepreneur
  • Marketing, “micro yeses,” and how to price your goods and services
  • And more . . .

So, if you have your own health and fitness business or are interested in starting one, or you’re just curious to hear a bit of my story and about the business side of my work, you’re going to enjoy this podcast!


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7:23 – What do you attribute the success of your first book to?

14:35 – Do you think there is pressure for new trainers to write books?

24:00 – What time management strategies do you use to manage all the projects you’re involved with?

37:24 – Do you ever procrastinate?

40:10 – Do you use a calendar or a to-do list?

44:31 – What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

51:12 – When you say that your supplements aren’t necessary, is it to be different or is it a philosophy you’re passionate about?

57:50 – How do you place monetary value on your servicing when establishing a business? How do you place yourself competitively without undervaluing yourself? 

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What did you think of this episode? Have anything else to share? Let me know in the comments below!