If you’ve taken any type of detectable drug, or smoked cannabis, in the past few days then you’re going to fail a urine drug test.  

Worse than that, if you’re a regular user or smoker, then you could test positive for drug use even after one or two weeks abstinence. 

But don’t worry. Whatever the reason for the drug test, you can pass it using high-quality synthetic urine if you know which brand to buy, how to prepare it, and the pitfalls to avoid. 

In this complete guide, you’re going to learn everything you need to know, including synthetic urine reviews of the top four brands on the market today, to pass a drug test. 

  1. Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit 

The number one selling and most undetectable brand of synthetic urine out there. Really high-quality, but it does have one downside I will talk about in the full review later. 

  1. Clear Choice Quick Luck Premixed Urine 

The most complex and usable synthetic urine brand on the market under any circumstances. However, it’s also the most expensive, so do you really need to spend that much money? 

  1. Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine 

The best synthetic urine kit if you are on a tight budget. It offers a good mix of complexity and low price. However, it has a couple of potentially significant issues that I will cover in detail. 

  1. Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit 

The Test Clear powdered urine kit is really high-quality. For a reasonable price, you get very good quality powdered urine that is quick to mix and safe to use. 

Don’t Use Someone Else’s Urine! 

Let’s kick this guide off by telling you about the number one thing you really shouldn’t do. Do not use someone else’s urine. 

The reason is really simple. Human urine spoils fast. Even kept in a fridge, it only lasts a few hours before it starts to change in how it looks and it starts to change in its chemical balance. 

On top of that key reason, is the fact that you don’t know what the person has taken themselves. They may think they are clean, but if you have been taking stuff, and they are willing to give you a sample, then there is a chance that they have might metabolites in their body as well. 

This could be the case even if they smoked cannabis a couple of weeks ago. Cannabis metabolites can stay in your body for a long time. 

So top tip #1 is do not take the cheap shortcut of trying to get someone else’s urine to submit. As well as the problems I’ve just mentioned, you still have to submit it within the correct temperature range, which is tough to do. 

Here’s What Happens When You Go For A Urine Drug Test 

Going for a urine drug test is pretty straightforward. You go in and register, fill in a form on your own (or sometimes with someone else), checks are done, and then you submit your sample. 

But there are some nuances here. These are the differences you need to be aware of: 

  1. You could be searched. But it won’t be a close body search. But they can check bags, make you take of hats, and coats. They can pat you down, but not touch intimately. 

  2. Most drug testing is unsupervised. That means they won’t be directly observing you. They may be in the room, but you’ll be behind a screen, or even in a separate area or room. 

  3. Supervised drug testing is where someone is in the room with you. But usually, they aren’t directly looking at you when you submit the sample. However, it’s almost impossible to submit fake urine in this situation unless you use very unreliable prosthetic attachment or dispensing tube. 

  4. Observed drug testing is exactly that. Usually only done when you fail the previous test, or for law enforcement purposes, someone will be in the room with you and looking straight at you as you pee. 

After the test, your sample will go through three levels of analysis, depending on the scrutiny and suspicion: 

  • Validity checks (a dipstick test to check for signs it’s fake or adulterated) 

  • Basic immunoassay analysis (usually panel drug test dipstick analysis) 

  • Advanced gas chromatography – mass spectrometry digital analysis (rare) 

Overall, you’ll most likely face an unsupervised drug test, that has basic validity checks and a standard immunoassay analysis completed during it. This is the easiest combo to pass. 

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How Do You Spot  High-Quality Synthetic Urine? 

To pass a drug test, your synthetic sample has to have the following characteristics: 

  • Be as complex in formula is possible 

  • At least contain urea and uric acid 

  • Must contain creatinine within the right volume range  

  • Be balanced for ph. and specific gravity (within human ranges in urine) 

The most complex synthetic urine brands will not only pass the dipstick validity checks, but will also pass a similar immunoassay level analysis as well. 

Only if fake urine goes to a full gas chromatography – mass spectrometry analysis, which is incredibly rare, would it be spotted. 

Avoid These Low Quality Fake Urine Brands 

The reason I recommended the top four brands I have is because they tick all the boxes I’ve just mentioned the standing the best chance of passing a test. 

These are popular, but low quality, brands of fake urine that you should avoid for a variety of reasons: 

  • Magnum 

  • Agent X 

  • Synthetix5 

None of them are complex in formula, and in the worst case scenario of Magnum synthetic urine, it actually contains a separate vial of uric acid that they started putting in with the synthetic urine because it didn’t contain any! 

Let’s Talk About The Biocide Problem (Certain Failure) 

A few years back a ton of fake urine brands suddenly started to fail in volumes that were noticed by many. 

People started talking about knowledgeable social media pages. There seems to be a common “footprint” that was being spotted. 

All of the brands I’ve just mentioned to avoid, and some others that started to fail, were basically all confirmed as using biocide preservatives. 

Biocide preservatives extend the shelf life, but it was also common footprint that was potentially causing failures. 

  • Biocide is a widely used preservative 

  • Biocide is not a natural thing found in urine 

  • Top five brands of urine don’t contain biocide preservatives 

  • The big drug testing labs almost definitely look for the footprint of biocides 

None of the top four synthetic urine brands I’m recommending here contain biocide. They do not contain that footprint which will be a guaranteed failure. 

This Is The Reason Why Most People Fail A Drug Test Using Fake Pee 

This surprises most people I tell. The main reason people fail when submitting a fake sample is nothing to do with the complexity of the formula, or even how it looks (visual scrutiny for basic drug testing is virtually non-existent beyond the dipstick testing). 

The main reason why people fail a drug test using fake pee is because it’s submitted it outside the correct temperature range. 

Human urine exits the body within a remarkably narrow temperature range between 97°F 100°F (unless you’ve got a fever which would stop you submitting the sample in the first place). 

So however the sample you are submitting is heated to keep it warm, whether by a heatpad or heat activator powder, or some other methods such as hot water, it has to be submitted at between 90°F and 100°F. 

This is because the sample cools as soon as you do it. Legally, to allow for two minutes of cooling (they have to check the temperature within two minutes of it being submitted), any sample above 90°F, but not hotter than 100°F is acceptable. 

That’s why reliable heating method is part of what makes the best synthetic urine kit.