Fall Family Photo Shoot – Kath Eats Real Food

I had to share our fall family photo shoot! Goofy brothers and gorgeous sunshine! Thanks to our family photographer, Sarah Cramer Shields of Cramer Photo for capturing such lively photos of us!


Our Fall Family Photo Shoot

15 minutes before this photo shoot:


Birch: “I am not wearing shoes!!!!”

Thomas: “How long is this going to take…?”

Yet when Sarah showed up, both of them were dressed with smiles on their faces. They love to protest, but the boys can perform!!

Silly boys!


I got the boys’ plaid shirts at Old Navy the week before. Here are Birch’s quilted boots. And I found my purple dress there as well! And here’s the second black dress I changed into at the end. Old Navy FTW! Braided Lucy shoes from Target.

One year ago:

My Love

Even Mr. Gus joined the fun!

I love them together so much

One Year Ago:

Work mode headshot!

As my mom would say, “Do we look alike?”

Switched back to his favorite shoes!

The Christmas Card

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