Finolex And Schbang Motion Pictures Launched Award-Winning Sensational Short Film ‘Prahlad’ On YouTube


Prahlad is a short film based on actual events revolving around the life of the Late Shri Pralhad P. Chhabria, adapted from autobiography- ‘There’s No Such Thing as a Self-Made Man.’ The movie was launched on YouTube on 1st September 2022. Schbang Motion Pictures produced the film and was backed by Finolex Industries. The film engulfs the values ​​of the foundation of Finolex Group and highlights the journey of Shri Prahlad P. Chhabria’s entrepreneurial success in the early revolution of Indian industrialisation.

The movie was top-rated among film fanatics and won 22 awards in International and National Film festivals. The actor portraying Prahlad P. Chhabria is Ritvik Sahore (of ‘Laakhon me ek’ fame), with other cast members like Aabid Shamim, Annapurna Soni and Chinamay Das in the supporting roles. Among the several acclaims collected by the film, it was awarded with high regard at the Prague International Film Festival, London Film and Television Festival, and Moscow International Film Festival.

“We hope this film inspires all the entrepreneurs starting today with the ethos of Indian entrepreneurship. It is the perfect blend of understanding people and having a strong sense of detail about today’s society. Founder, Late Shri Pralhad P. Chhabria is proof of that. This story illustrates those values ​​very closely,” said Mr Prakash P. Chhabria, son of Late Shri. Pralhad P. Chhabria, when asked about his enthusiasm for the successful launch of the short film on YouTube.

Harshil Karia, the producer of the film and Founder of Schbang, said, “We are constantly looking for powerful stories that need telling, whether for the brands we work with or humanity at large. Schbang Motion Pictures found inspiration in the life of Shri Pralhad P. Chhabria, the renowned Founder of Finolex Group. Although his life deserves a feature film, we are happy to share this one incident with the world through our short film – ‘Pralhad. The company he has created is an inspiring story that is worth studying for the upcoming generations of Indian Entrepreneurs.”

Finolex has significantly contributed to India’s agricultural efforts and the country’s efforts in plumbing and sanitation by providing quality products to rural and urban area consumers since 1981. Pralhad P. Chhabria’s belief in superior engineering and his ability to build relationships with people across the board, coupled with his iron grip on numbers and made Finolex one of the most respected names in the Indian Industry. With over 900 dealers and 21,000 retail touch points, the late Founder built a Parivaar that is thriving today to serve the loyal consumers of Finolex’s products.

The late Shri Pralhad Chhabria was one of the most notable philanthropists of his time. He established the Mukul Madhav Foundation & Hope Foundation and Research Centre, active in the fields of medical assistance, education & social welfare to the underprivileged. He established Mukul Madhav Vidyalaya at Ratnagiri and engineering institutions Finolex Academy of Management & Technology in Ratnagiri, and International Institute of Information Technology at Hinjawadi, Pune, Maharashtra. This film not only takes the viewers on a ride to his entrepreneurial skills but also propagates the idea behind building a million-dollar empire.

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