Firmer On A Mission To Become The Biggest Skin Care Brand In India

October 3: Ajay Kakar, CEO & Founder and Bhuvanesh Kakar, Director of Operations at Salve group of companies. The father-son duo is leading the skincare and cosmeceutical brand Firmer. Salve Group of Companies founded by Ajay Kakar and Archana Kakar started as Salve Pharmaceuticals catering to medical needs. With more than 16 years of experience in industry, the group expanded its portfolio in 2019 under Salvia Cosmeceuticals (sister concern of Salve Pharmaceuticals)- taking care of not only medical needs but also baby care, face care, body care, aesthetics and a range of leading skincare products.

Aging is an inevitable part of growing up. Aging signs can start at 25 when our bodies, bit by bit, stop producing collagen as it has been working before. All this causes the skin to lose elasticity. Using aging related skincare products at an early stage acts as an early prevention key to avoiding premature aging signs.

“Skincare products want to reverse the signs of aging. However, it is not about reversal, it is about embracing the process of aging. It is important to treat and take care of our skin as we mature”- said Ajay Kakar, CEO & Founder of Salve Group of companies who created the product range of Firmer.

Aging Due to Our Life Cycle

Aging is a natural process of growing up. Experts indicate that the skin aging process starts around 25 years, and bodies start producing less collagen. The skin starts drooping, becomes loose and saggy. At this time, it becomes essential to take care of one’s skin.

Through Firmer products and skincare combos, one can take care of their skin on their own. Moreover, frequent visits to the parlor can be avoided. The skincare products are highly recommended by dermatologists as well. Some of the products that take care of aging due to life cycle are Firmer Honey Locust Skin Gel and Firmer Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen Serum.

The consumers have become conscious and they are looking to associate with those brands that have eco-friendly products and are suited for all skin types. When asked about this, Mr. Ajay Kakar added, “It is essential for brands to adapt and bring in products that are suitable for the environment as well as the consumer. Our product, Firmer Honey Locust skin gel, is COSMOS approved Vegan Compatible, Mineral Oil free, Preservative free, 100% Natural origin, and an Eco-friendly ingredient. This caters to environmentally friendly products”

Aging Cause Due to Lifestyle Factors

Aging can occur early due to lifestyle factors. Research indicates faulty dietary habits, environmental factors and mental stress as leading factors of maturing skin. Even factors such as medications and poor lifestyle choices like alcohol consumption can influence the aging process.

To take care of the lifestyle and environmental factors of aging, Firmer has come up with 2 unique products – Firmer Pep Se Pure Peptide Serum and Firmer Pre Makeup primer Cream. The serum stimulates collagen and elastin and prevents wrinkles and fine lines. Pre Makeup Primer is a face contouring cream; it fills in the pores, blurs the blemishes, and gives smooth skin after the makeup. Both the products are Paraben-free, fragrance-free, sulfate-free, and mineral oil-free – making it an eco-friendly and caring skin products range.

When aging occurs due to factors such as bad nutrition, general health conditions or other stressful factors, it is essential to take care of one’s skin. “The dermal protein synthesis, collagen production decreases which can lead to wrinkling, crowing feet and loosening of skin. It is important to embrace these changes and start using skin products to have an early mitigation in the process”, said Mr. Bhuvanesh Kakar, Director of Operations of Salve Group of Companies.

Firmer started selling as prescribed products but they have become best sellers online on several e-commerce platforms as well. “We have received a tremendously positive response from our online customers and most of our products are top rated in their category. This is mainly because our products are soft on skin as they are made with highly nourishing natural ingredients” Mr. Ajay Kakar said when we asked about the reason for their high ratings on online platforms.

The range is available on all major e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart as well as on their website

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