Fish with Caramel Sauce – Kath Eats Real Food

Not enjoyed together of course!!!

We had this amazing brownie with vanilla ice cream and stout caramel at Selvedge Brewery at The Wool Factory! We took Birch with us which couldn’t have gone better.

I didn’t notice his face until I was ready to post this photo!!

My little lefty!! My dad found this crayon case at a local market. Here’s a similar one.

I had the quarter Peruvian chicken which came with two sauces and homemade tortillas. Birch sweetly asked for one of my precious tortillas and being the good mother that I am I shared (but I didn’t want to – they are so good!)

Fishing Date

Rewinding back in time a bit, Mazen finished 2 weeks of Adventure Fishing camp with Virginia Outside! He had a blast and LOVES fishing. So much so that after camp he asked Thomas if they go do more fishing. So they did!

Camping With The Grandparents

Mazen also got to go camping with Grammie and Pea during his extended visit with them! They had some excitement in the night when an animal ate all their marshmallows. They aren’t sure what type of animal it was….!!!

Apparently they had chips for dinner πŸ˜‰

City Life

Meanwhile, Birch was living city life getting his hair cut. Lollipops for all!

He’s also taken to ABC Mouse lately, and his favorite activity is cleaning the fish tank. Guess he likes fish too!

And Thomas took him on his first daddy golf date. It went really well!

I was at Athleta buying another pair of Trekkie North shorts. I LOVE THESE and can never sweat in regular cotton shorts again. I have them in the other Magnolia design and they’re on sale!!

Gussie had a bug bite or cut on his paw that he ripped open with his fangs, so he sported a bandage for a week. Always getting into trouble that boy!

Overnight + Date Night

Birch got to spend the night with Thomas’s parents and his cousin Nash. Talk about a win-win-win!

Kidless parents!

Thomas and I went to Mas! We hadn’t been since the pandemic began, and it was delicious as always. Love the smoked tomatoes dish the most!

Ladies Lunch to Pippin Hill

Thomas’s mom, aunt Layton and I enjoyed a nice ladies lunch at Pippin Hill when Layton was in town.

Delicious farm fresh food!

And a wine flight too, of course.

A few more delicious meals included….

Berries + yogurt + Gratisfied granola crumbles

Egg + Cantaloupe + Pancakes

Summer Verde Enchiladas

via Blue Apron

Pimento Chicken with Potatoes and Beans

Tasted like melted pimento cheese on top!

More Chicken, Potatoes + Beans!

Same foods, different flavors.

Fish Sticks

Why am I excited about my child eating fish sticks? Because this is the only form of meat he likes! Birch won’t eat burgers or chicken nuggets, salmon or deli meat. He’s basically a vegetarian (not for any moral reason / because he’s a picky eater).

But after seeing his cousins ​​eat these fish sticks, he likes them too! (To be fair, I’m not sure if he knows they are fish sticks since we call them ‘crispy sticks.’) I’m glad to be getting some omega-3s in him!

Mango Tacos with Mom + Dad

My parents stopped through for a night on their way to the Great Lakes!

Have a great weekend!

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