Fitness Trainer Daz Sidhu’s Personal Transformation Program Is Gaining Vast Popularity

Having trained numerous clients who have achieved phenomenal results, he is fast becoming one of the most sought after experts in the industry.

The fitness industry has been growing very fast since the past few decades and has been on the move with many industry experts stepping in and imparting their widespread knowledge among people. Although, there are enough material on the internet which delve deep into the subject of fitness and health, nothing comes as close to receiving personal training as it directly impacts the overall fitness levels of an individual. Out of the many professionals who have done exceedingly well in the personal training space, shining bright amongst all with his work getting widely acknowledged, is Daz Sidhu. The man has emerged as one of the best fitness trainers in the industry.

Daz comes from the lands of Punjab, India and is now based in New Zealand from where he carries on his training programs which have impacted many lives till date. His personalized training program is designed to give optimum results to those who desire to carve their bodies to perfection. Daz says that he landed in New Zealand in 2011 to make a career for himself and went through the struggles during his initial days, even working in McDonald’s for a living. He got interested in physical fitness as he wanted to join the police force, and a knee injury in the interim pushed him to carve his physique to such an extent that he eventually ended up being a fitness trainer.

This young fitness expert has scaled newer heights in his career as he continues to train people transforming their bodies to perfection. Presently, he is working towards expanding his reach and now wants to go global with his training programs.

To know more, connect with Daz on Instagram: @dazsidhu or visit his website

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