FlexiSpot’s Sit2Go Fitness Chair Makes It Easy To Work While You Exercise

  • For those who work from a desk, finding time to exercise can be a struggle.
  • FlexiSpot created a solution; the Sit2Go Fitness Chair. It’s an office chair combined with an exercise bike.
  • Emma’s overall assessment of the chair is positive, and here’s why she believes it might be ideal for those who work from home.

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Ergonomic furniture company FlexiSpot sent us their Sit2Go Fitness Chair to review.

FlexiSpot, a company focused on designing ergonomic office furniture, offers eco-friendly and practical products for the workplace or the home office.


Finding the time and motivation to exercise is difficult enough, but now that so many people are working from home, there are many more distractions and reasons to avoid working out.

But if you replace your regular desk chair with the exercise chair from FlexiSpot, you may find that there is no longer really an excuse to avoid working out.

Usually, exercise bikes are not overly comfortable. Thankfully, FlexiSpot knows that comfort is invaluable for remote workers. The breathable mesh backrest of the chair and supportive seat cushion make it comfortable to sit in for hours upon hours.

An exercise chair helps increase movement throughout the day while keeping pressure off of your joints, which is one of the best low-impact exercises you can do. Like other forms of physical activity, seated exercise offers similar wellness benefits while reducing the risk of injury as well as discomfort.

A sedentary lifestyle creates lots of problems, especially health problems. Finding ways to keep your body moving while working is extremely important, and FlexiSpot has figured out just how to accomplish this.

The set up

The fitness chair was delivered within a week of the order being placed. The chair parts all come in one box (which is fairly heavy) and it does require some assembly.

The bottom part of the chair comes already assembled, the user just needs to screw on the pedals, seat, and backrest with an Allen wrench (which is provided).

During the setup of the fitness chair, the only problem we ran into was figuring out how to get the screen to work. The instructions made it clear that batteries needed to be inserted somewhere, but where exactly, we did not know.

We resorted to asking FlexiSpot how to find the battery compartment in order to get the screen and button to work. (Hint: You need to pull out the screen and button compartment like shown in the video – courtesy of FlexiSpot).

Four features we reviewed:

1. Practicality

Regular exercise bikes can be noisy, which is annoying if you need silence to work. The Sit2Go Fitness Chair cycles very quietly and smoothly and can be easily moved around from place to place.

The chair height is adjustable and so is the level of resistance for the pedals (for when you want more or less of a leg workout).

The chair is on the smaller side but you will need to make sure you have the right space for it because of the way it’s shaped (the supportive legs at the back of the chair stick out).

Thankfully, this bike is on wheels which makes it very easy to move. In our last review of FlexiSpot’s Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk, we suggested that the desk also come on wheels since it was very heavy. But, the standing desk and fitness chair do make a perfect team.

2. Aesthetics

This desk chair is far more attractive than regular exercise bikes you may find at a gym.

And if you were worried that on Zoom your coworkers might see you on an exercise bike, fear not: the top part of the bike looks indistinguishable from a regular desk chair. Little do they know that you’re pedaling away under your desk.

The chair has the option to choose either black or white for the bottom part of the bike, but the seat only comes in black.

3. Ergonomics

FlexiSpot prides itself on its ergonomic office furniture, which is furniture that is designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment.

This chair is quite comfortable and should not hurt your back after sitting on it all day – which is something many desk workers have an issue with. Sitting in a chair all day is simply not what humans were made for, and our bodies are telling us that, which makes finding office furniture that supports our bodies while we sit for long periods of time that much more essential.

4. Capability

So, does this chair really encourage fitness? Its online reviews would say so.

This chair reaches its full potential with the right desk – preferably a height adjustable desk. The chair’s dimensions are 33.6 ”(L) x 20.3 ″ (W) with the height ranging from 37” – 46.3 ”. Its seat height adjustable range is 22.4. ” – 31.5 ”.

This chair is adjustable, ergonomic, easy to maneuver, and promotes a healthier lifestyle for desk workers.

Is it useful?

One review left by Marci S. on FlexiSpot’s website under this product relays our exact thoughts: “Super easy to put together, the elliptical was easy to use and I like how unassuming it is throughout the day, as I can exercise without anyone knowing. It’s very quiet. Only suggestion would be including in the manual how to open the unit to put in the battery. ”

Having a desk chair that doubles as an exercise bike is a smart idea for sedentary remote workers and a good decision if they want to take care of their health.

If you find that you need a more active lifestyle, then this desk chair might be a great option for you.

Pros: Useful, sturdy, adjustable

Cons: Pricey, unclear where batteries go

Review breakdown:

Delivery: 5/5

Practicality: 4.5 / 5

Aesthetics: 4.5 / 5

Ergonomics: 5/5

Capability: 4.5 / 5

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