From Sports To Theatre, How Dr. Avtar Singh Is Executing His Philanthropic Motives

Dr. Avtar Singh is a philanthropist too, and we all know that. He has ceaselessly contributed to humanity in major ways. The primary one is in the medical field. Dr. Avtar Singh, along with his mates, founded NGOs that sponsored the treatment of unprivileged people. He collaborated with Smile Train Org. to provide free CLEFT LIP and CLEFT palate treatment to children in order to give them a better future.
Dr. Avtar Singh also started the Udaan Trust, where ambulances were sent to bring patients from a distance at no cost. They would even get subsidized treatments. Even with all of this backing, if a patient experienced a financial crisis, they could simply walk up to Dr. Avtar and he would treat them for free.
But what stimulated him to indulge in philanthropy? “During our practice, I saw that many people could not afford treatment. But I wanted to save as many lives as possible, and so I never refused treatment to even the poorest of the poor,” said Dr. Avtar Singh.
Promoting sports could be the second way in which the doctor changed lives. He started multiple sports associations and inaugurated Amandeep Cricket Ground, where Harbhajan Singh Cricket Academy is operating. Dr. Avtar has sponsored many rising cricketers and hockey players. Similarly, he has taken numerous initiatives under the label of sports. But why?
“I strongly believe that if a young mind is motivated at an early age towards sports, they will not run into the murky world of drugs and will elevate society, and ultimately the country,” says Dr. Avtar Singh.
He is also robustly promoting theatre. He says, “Theatre is also one of my interests, and Amritsar has been a hub of amazing artists. So I like to promote local theaters and artists.” Dr. Avtar Singh has an association with different theater groups and is actively helping several artists to boost their careers.
We truly appreciate Dr. Avtar Singh’s benevolent work towards society and hope that he takes this spirit to the end of the earth. Because we need more people like him!

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