Gatorade’s VP Brings Propel Fitness Water And Fun Back To Exercise


Tell me more about the idea behind the “Joy of Working Out” campaign, and how Propel plays a part in this?

While we’re really excited about the success of [Propel], we know that our consumers really, really love the idea of ​​working out and working out together. There are all these studies that have shown a consistent, positive relationship between physical activity and happiness. As we thought about our campaign this year, not only did we want to drive the business and drive the sales through a great advertising program, and in full marketing activation, but we wanted to also invest in our communities, and in invest in a way where we can help spread the joy of working out back to our consumers as we come out of the COVID environment.

The program is going to be launching on May 7th, which is National Fitness Day. As I mentioned before, our goal is to really spread the joy of working out to our consumers. We’re going to do it in three different ways: We are going to be investing in local markets around the United States, in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Houston, and Detroit; We’re going to be partnering with local trainers around the country; and we’re going to be engaging consumers online in a really fun, digital, social way as well, through TikTok.

As it relates to our local market tour, this is probably what we’re most excited about. We are going to be investing deeply in these four cities, in their communities, during our four-month long summer tour. We’re going to be impacting over 100,000 exercisers in these communities. We’re actually going to be able to [host] free outdoor classes, where consumers can come work out together in high-traffic outdoor spaces for a month in each city. We’re really excited about being able to get our exercisers back together, back to having fun, [and] back to working out. Also, what’s really cool about this is, in each of those cities, we found four different trainers who are awesome.

These trainers are people that we believe really embody the spirit of “The Joy of Working Out.” They’re uplifting, they’re in their community, they’re giving back to their community, and we’re going to give back to them. We’re investing $ 25,000 in each of their small businesses to help them grow their enterprises locally in these communities. What’s even cooler is these guys are going to come out and teach classes while we’re in their city for the tour. Exercisers in their community can get to know them as well.


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