The Best Personal Loans for Bad Credit With Same-Day Funding 

People often need additional financial assistance during these difficult times. The reason for getting a personal loan may differ, but there is something in common: people who take out loans usually don’t have enough savings to cover their needs on their own. While people with good credit have many options to choose from, those who have some credit history issues have to look for various alternatives. Although traditional financial institutions may offer you a secured loan, it is the option that always comes with the risk of losing your property. Moreover, not all borrowers who need fast cash on the same day have valuable property to use as collateral. And that’s when bad credit loans come in to help. 

An unsecured personal loan for bad credit may be a good solution when you need to cover emergency expenses now and have no time to wait till your next paycheck. However, finding the right unsecured loan is usually challenging when you face the need for the first time. If you don’t know what to pay attention to when choosing an unsecured loan, let us help you figure it out. Here are the best companies that provide bad credit loans with no credit check and guaranteed approval. 

Top-3 Companies With The Best Online Loans for Bad Credit 

Unsecured loans for bad credit usually vary from lender to lender. There are many lenders that offer various options to meet the growing market demand. When picking out the companies, we were focused on the lender’s reputation and the loan conditions it offers, including interest rates, loan terms, minimum loan amounts, eligibility requirements, and the speed of application and funding processes. 

  1. 1FirstCashAdvance – Best overall online personal loans for bad credit. 

  1. ASAP FINANCE – Best payday alternative loans with same-day funding. 

  1. 15M FINANCE – Best loans with no minimum credit score requirement. 

#1. 1FirstCashAdvance – Best personal loans with no credit check 


1FirstCashAdvance is a free lending service that works with multiple lenders and offers a full range of bad credit loan options. Its short-term loans are represented with payday loans, but the service also offers personal installment loans with fixed monthly payments. Even if you have a poor credit score, it’s not a barrier to getting the assistance you need from 1FirstCashAdvance. 

The direct lenders the company works with specializing in emergency loans, so they strive to simplify the whole process to make it fast and accessible to everyone. Therefore, personal loan lenders don’t make hard credit checks through major credit bureaus. It means applying with the company doesn’t impact your credit score. All you need to apply is to enter your personal, contact, and income information in an online application form. Once submitted, the company shares your application details with trusted lenders. The one that has an offer for you reviews your data and sends you a guaranteed loan decision by email. The whole process typically takes less than 20 minutes. If approved, you will access the money in your bank account as soon as the next business day. 

How to Qualify? 

  • Be an adult citizen of the US with a valid ID; 

  • Have an active checking account; 

  • Prove you have at least a $1,000 monthly income; 

  • Provide the lender with your Social Security Number, personal information, permanent address, active email, and valid cell phone number. 


  • Fast and simple application process; 

  • Full range of loan services; 

  • No minimum credit score requirements; 

  • Easy-to-meet eligibility criteria; 

  • Fast money deposit within 24 hours. 


#2. ASAP FINANCE – Best alternatives to bank or credit union loans with guaranteed approval 


ASAP Finance is a bad credit loan company that offers bad credit loans from direct lenders regardless of your credit score or payment history. The service is free for borrowers and doesn’t require them to pay any origination fee or additional charges. You’re welcome to apply even with a low credit score and don’t need to leave your home or workplace to complete the application process or get the funds. 

Getting loan proceeds with ASAP Finance commonly takes about 24 hours. All you need is to fill out a loan request form on the website. It typically takes you about 5 minutes to complete. The lender will send you a response shortly after submitting a form. Once approved, you will receive cash in your checking account via direct deposit. You can spend the money for any purpose with no restrictions from a lender. 

How to Qualify? 

  • Keep your bank account active; 

  • Specify your full name, permanent address, email, US phone number, and employment status; 

  • Verify your steady source of income. 


  • No records in your credit report; 

  • Consider applicants with poor credit scores; 

  • Free service with no origination fee; 

  • Next-day funding is available; 

  • Unsecured loans with no collateral. 


#3. 15M FINANCE – Best loan provider for loans with bad credit