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New Ellensburg business owners, Dalton and Emma Keene, opened Garage Studio Fitness on April 13th. The fitness center offers one-on-one personal training and group classes, led by a certified personal trainer.

The couple started the business out of their home garage in Auburn in 2020, when gyms were closed due to the pandemic. Within eight months of starting the business, the couple decided to move to Ellensburg, missing the small town atmosphere.

“It became apparent to us that we need to have a community with the next gym that we have when we have a larger space. We saw group classes is a great way to be able to still have that community but still provide that focus, ”Dalton said.

The couple wanted to create a safe and fun environment for members when exercising by building a community within the gym, while still providing one-on-one attention to clients.

Together, the couple have over 10 years of personal training and fitness industry experience. They also hold seven national certifications.

The gym focuses on educating their members and helping them every step of the way in their fitness journey. Trainers walk around correcting forms when exercising, showing members proper training techniques and encouraging them.

Belsaas & Smith Construction office manager and a member of Studio Fitness Pam Bosman said “Even if the class is bigger they walk around, they watch what you’re doing, ‘no stop that because you’re doing it wrong’ or ‘if you’ re doing it like that, is your back hurting you because your back shouldn’t be hurting ‘they actually take the time… they care. ”

The fitness team recently participated with the community in the downtown spring clean up on April 23 and hope to be part of more community events.

“That’s something we really hope to do in the future, get involved more with the [Ellensburg Downtown Association] and participate in local events, whether that’s volunteering or maybe being a sponsor for a local event or making partnerships and relationships with other businesses, ”Emma said.

According to Emma, ​​Garage Studio Fitness welcomes people from all walks of life and encourages people to give it a shot. She says they don’t know until they try.

Garage Studio Fitness also hopes to form a partnership with CWU students to either join the gym or take classes.

“For people that are first coming into a gym it can be very scary, but if you find the right people, whether that friends or gym owners, personal trainers whatever it is, find your people because they will help you get through those things that are difficult, ”Dalton said.

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