Green Eggs and Ham With Kale or Spinach ⋆ 100 Days of Real Food

Dr. Seuss’s birthday celebration at school means it’s yet another day filled with fun-themed activities including food of course! Plus who can resist bringing one of Dr. Seuss’s most legendary books to life: Green Eggs and Ham! No need to break out the artificial green dye though, see below for a much more nutritious (and delicious) alternative.

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Plate of homemade green eggs and ham made with kale instead of dye for Dr.  Seuss Day

Until I had kids in school I never realized how many holidays and special occasions could be celebrated. Aside from the standard ones like Halloween and Valentine’s Day there’s also the 100Th Day of School, President’s Day, and Football Fridays… and now Dr. Seuss Day! I decided to kick off our Dr. Seuss Day celebration with this fun green eggs and ham recipe that uses kale instead of green dye.

But whether you are a Dr. Seuss fan or not you can still enjoy this dish for breakfast (lunch or dinner). I promise it will taste just as good without the colorful toothpicks. 🙂 Enjoy!

Dye Free Green Eggs and Ham

It wouldn’t be real food if we included food coloring in this green eggs and ham recipe! This recipe gets its green color from rich leafy greens like kale or spinach.

Eggs and kale make a surprisingly good combination and once you’re done you can check “eating your greens for the day” off your list.

Real Food Ham Ideas

You can’t have green eggs and ham without the ham! Unfortunately so many varieties of ham out there are full of added ingredients including nitrates, which are used as a preservative or added during the curing process.

Most brands have natural, uncured, or nitrate free ham options now; choose one with real food ingredients and no added extras. You can also swap with your own homemade baked ham too.
Although it’s not quite the same, you can also replace the ham with a healthier deli meat like all-natural turkey.

Kale and Eggs Recipe for Busy Mornings

This isn’t just a special occasion breakfast recipe! You can easily whip up these delicious green eggs with kale on busy mornings for a healthy, leafy green packed way to start the day. I always keep some fresh or frozen kale and spinach handy to throw into eggs or smoothies in the morning.

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