Here Are Four Reasons You Should Buy The Big Eyes Coin If You Missed The Tamadoge Presale 

The presale stage of cryptocurrencies comes with the most opportunities, as they offer investors the chance to buy early and sell for a higher price. The early meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu were enough proof of that, as they initiated the bull run at a time in 2021, and most holders were able to generate as much as 10X profits or more. The Tamadoge, TAMA, is another meme coin that did exceedingly well recently. The meme coin concluded its presale about 24 hours ago, amassing 19 million dollars, and a bullish community of users almost guaranteed to get massive returns immediately after the coin launches.

If you’re one of those who missed out and couldn’t get the opportunity to buy the Tamadoge, the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) presents another opportunity to make massive gains. Still, you can only profit from this opportunity if you join early. Here are four reasons you shouldn’t miss out on the Big Eyes Coin presale.

Big Eyes DeFi
The DeFi system is one of the unique propositions of the crypto landscape, and it eliminates the need for centralized financial authorities. The big eyes network offers a DeFi system where users get autonomy over their transactions and interactions in the ecosystem.
The network’s DeFi application gives several users control over their finances through personalized wallets and secure, ultra-speed transactions. Big Eyes offers DeFi utilities for its users, a feature that isn’t all that common with meme coins, as they are mostly considered coins with zero utility.

Big Eyes NFT
In contrast to other meme coins that come with zero utilities, the Big eyes coin is a meme coin with a purpose whose main goal is to create riches for the community and a self-sustaining blockchain ecosystem.

To do this, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will use NFTs to provide users access to more means of generating revenues. The NFT space has had some massive runs in the past year, and we saw top collections like degods, BAYC, Okay bears, and many others make a 10,100X profit. Big eyes coin is looking to exploit such potential by providing users with the opportunity to generate more revenue.

Big Eyes Coin DAO
The big eyes DAO allows users to have veto power over some of the decision-making processes in the system. By holding some Big Eyes Coin, holders can vote and make decisions based on a consensus. The DAO feature enables the network to operate on a more decentralized and community-driven system.

Big Eyes Coin Charity Initiative
The Big Eyes Coin network is also on a quest to donate about 5% of its profit to save our oceans. The network will also strongly emphasize enhancing the global ecology through various other charitable initiatives, including campaigns to save the oceans and initiatives from assisting education and health. Big eyes donated $1000 for Luna children, and it’s well on its way to more charitable deeds across the globe.

The BIG token presale is currently on, and you can join the network by buying on presale. Tokens are still being sold at lower prices, and you’re still guaranteed to make some decent profits if you join now. Click here to join the network on presale.

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