Here’s Why Dogeliens Token Is Garnering Comparisons To Dogecoin and Shiba Inu

Over the past few years, meme coins have grown in relevance and attained a high status within the cryptocurrency industry. Meme coins are a type of cryptocurrency usually based on popular Internet memes and events. As a crypto category, meme coins are renowned for their excessive utility, a quality that makes them ideal for long-term cryptocurrency investment in the ongoing bear market. At the height of the meme coin frenzy, several meme coin holders became overnight millionaires due to the massive surge in the value of meme coins. It is a phenomenon that could very well occur again in the current climate within the industry.

As the bear market continues to wreak havoc on the day-to-day activities of regular crypto players such as investors and traders, one upcoming meme coin is stirring excitement and anticipation within the industry. Dogeliens Token (DOGET) has become the subject of much excitement and is regularly being touted as the next big meme coin. The token has recently gained comparisons to industry-leading meme coins, Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). But what exactly is Dogeliens Token (DOGET), and why is there so much noise around it? We answer this question and compare the token with Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) below.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin (DOGE) is generally renowned as the original meme coin and a pioneer of the meme coin movement. The token is based on the popular Doge Internet meme and features several qualities, such as fast processing speeds and transaction times. Dogecoin’s speed and performance make it ideal for global adoption one day. The token already serves as a tipping service on various social media platforms, such as Twitter and Reddit.

At the height of the meme coin frenzy, Dogecoin (DOGE) experienced a massive surge that saw its holders become overnight millionaires. Such ridiculous utility is a feature of meme coins like DOGE, making the token an ideal long-term cryptocurrency investment in the current climate. Dogecoin (DOGE) sits atop the cryptocurrency leaderboards and is a top 10 cryptocurrency by market cap. As a result, it is available on prominent crypto platforms in the industry, such as Binance and Coinbase.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is the second largest meme coin by market cap and a pioneer of the meme coin movement. It is fondly referred to as the “DOGE KILLER” and is considered the main rival of the dominant meme coin, Dogecoin (DOGE).

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is the native cryptocurrency of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, which features a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) called ShibaSwap, among other features. A top 20 crypto by market cap, Shiba Inu (SHIB), is available on several top crypto platforms, including Binance, Huobi, Coinbase, and OKEx.

Dogeliens Token (DOGET)

The upcoming meme coin, Dogeliens Token (DOGET), has been attracting interest within the cryptocurrency industry of late. The token is highly rated and expected to become the next big meme coin. Dogeliens Token (DOGET) is already gaining comparisons to industry-leading altcoins, Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). It looks very likely to become a valuable asset in the ongoing bear market. Native to the Dogeliens project, Dogeliens Token (DOGET) facilitates several operations, such as network governance, transaction fees, rewards and more.

Dogeliens Token (DOGET) is gradually approaching its presale stage and will feature several rewards for early investors. An example is the 10% additional tokens that come with purchasing the token in the first stage of its presale. See more information here.



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