How Big Eyes Coin Rewards & Competition Could Increase It’s Presale, What That Could Mean For You

Many crypto enthusiasts think it is fast becoming more popular than some of the existing cryptocurrencies in the coin market. The meme coin owes its success to an experienced team of developers that has shown a great understanding of the market dynamics to ensure the cryptocurrency can thrive in an already saturated market.

Out of the numerous marketing and publicity strategies Big Eyes’ developers have utilized, the competitions and rewards are seemingly one of the most efficient. Their latest $250k competition might even bring a better result in the coming days. We review the steps in entering this giveaway and the possible effects of the other numerous rewards in this article.

The Huge Big Eyes Coin $250K Contest And The Steps To Enter

In the past week, Big Eyes Coin announced that 10 lucky winners would be rewarded $25k each in a $250K contest. This isn’t the first contest in the Big Eyes community, and you can join their community here to ensure you don’t miss most of these periodic contests and rewards. The $250K competition already has over 60K+ participants, but you can still be a part of it here.

To be a part of the competition, you must be part of the Big eyes Twitter community, share the post and have at least $50 worth of the token. If you get drawn as part of the 10 winners, you must hold at least $250 worth of the Big Eyes (BIG) coin on that day, less than three months from now.

How Does This Affect Presale?

Joining the Big Eyes (BIG) competition and rewards mechanisms requires having a certain value of the Big eyes (BIG) coin. This prompts more presale purchases increasing the value of presale tokens sold. Already, Big Eyes has an incredible presale run, gathering over $2.51 million thus far, as its second presale phase is gradually selling out. The competition’s reward will spur more adoption, and while this may be good news for the Big Eyes team, it is better news for you and the world at large. We look into why this is so below.

What It Means To You

If you’ve purchased Big Eyes on presale, the increased patronage will see your initial token rise in value. This is because the second stage of the token presale sells out faster, and a 25% increase in token presale price occurs, making your holdings more valuable.

The high adoption rate will also contribute to the popularity of the token, which gives a high potential for market success when it launches. This means that Big Eyes’ potential for a progressive market entry, in the long run, becomes higher. A successful presale also implies that there will be more rewards and incentives in the form of airdrops and giveaways without a contest.

Big Eyes (BIG) is also known for its charity endeavors, and the more successful the token presale gets, the more resources will be available and channeled towards charity. This makes participation in the contest not only rewarding for the community members but everyone involved.

Big Eyes (BIG) developers are maintaining their promise of ensuring both users and the world’s ecosystem find the Big Eyes Blockchain ecosystem useful, which makes it a great project. Join the Big Eyes (BIG) presale here to make the most of its benefits.

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