How Priyanka Gupta Of Veg Fit Left A High-Paying Job To Make Ceos Fitter’

‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.’ When people are driven by career goals and workaholic schedules, they usually miss out on the most important aspect of life, “HEALTH”. In a hyper-competitive environment, corporate employees are only running after office deadlines rather than running on treadmills. This mismatched combination has a long-lasting impact which is undoubtedly adverse. However, to restore this balance for busy working professionals between a fit life and chronic health conditions, Priyanka Gupta started Veg Fit.

After pursuing her graduation from IIT Kanpur, Priyanka worked in the corporate world for 15 years in companies like Intel, Byjus and Walmart Labs. Always very diligent about her diet and health, Priyanka tried to maintain a proper balance between her health and work life. But this balance was disturbed when Priyanka started her first business in 2012. By 2016, she started suffering from chronic back and leg pain. It was then that she realized that her ignorance towards her health was actually becoming a hindrance to her productivity.

Realizing the need of the hour, Priyanka immersed herself in workouts and a healthy diet while working as a Product Manager in companies like Byjus and Walmart Labs. Then in 2018, she took her first major step towards her fitness career and started a YouTube channel by the name ‘Veg Fit’ as a side project.

The ‘Veg Fit’ Youtube channel provides tips on following a healthy lifestyle for busy professionals. Along with this, she also focused on debunking many myths propagated by popular fitness YouTubers. For example, myths like pressing your cheeks to make your face sharper, doing crunches to reduce belly, and doing pushups to reduce breast size.

While growing her Youtube channel, Priyanka got her ISSA certification to become a qualified Nutritionist and a Strength and Conditioning Coach in 2020. She then quit her high-paying job at Walmart Labs in 2021 to launch her fitness coaching business, Veg Fit and turn her passion into a business.

Priyanka started Veg Fit with the idea of ​​coaching busy professionals to lead a healthier lifestyle so that they can give their best to their work and family. In the words of Priyanka, “My corporate work experience helps me understand the requirements of working professionals who want to be fit but don’t have time for regular exercise and cooking healthy food.”.

Her clients range from public company CEOs, startup founders, doctors, engineers, and corporate employees across India and other countries like the USA, Europe, and Australia.

She aims to help more than one lakh working professionals by 2025 in their fitness journey and also make sustainable healthy habits an integrated part of their lives. Priyanka’s fitness consultation programs and health tips are available on her website –

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